Yvonne J Douglas is the number one Emotional Trauma Coach, she combines her unique blend of multidiscipline expertise to redirect people towards healing from emotional trauma.

 I’m Yvonne Douglas and my purpose and passion is to inspire, empower and motivate individuals to reach their highest potential through healing. Prior to becoming an ‘Emotional Trauma Coach’ I’ve worked in the corporate industry for over 20 years. I have written about my harrowing journey in my book  ‘Hungry for Love’ , in order to inspire others and to demonstrate how emotional trauma can be eradicated from your life.


Do you have emotional pain?

Take a look at your pain. Where does it reside? If it wanted to talk to you, what would it say?  Let it speak; let it express itself- it so wants to speak.  Don’t suppress it any longer because it is harming you. It needs to be expressed, it wants to be expressed, but you are stopping it.  Why? You are allowed to express it, it is your God-given right to express yourself and it will be ok.  I promise you. If it had a colour, what would it be? Get in touch with that pain; because that is the only way it will leave you.  You have to go through it to get through it.  By holding onto your pain, you are stopping yourself from reaching your highest potential.

To feel is to be human and we need to express ourselves and feel our feelings. By feeling the bad ones, we appreciate the good ones even more. Do not be afraid because you can handle this.  You forget who you are, don’t you? You are a strong vessel, your emotional strength, your mental strength and your spiritual strength is stronger than you realise.

Once you start to release your pain you will notice how connected you are to others, the universe and source/God, you will feel a part of something so special and wonderful. The connection will grow stronger and stronger. You will start to achieve things you never thought possible. If your pain is immense you might want to seek counsel and get support because you are not alone and you do not have to do it alone. When you release that emotional pain, you will also notice how much healthier you are. Did you know that releasing emotional pain helps rid your body of disease? Your physical body will start to function more efficiently and you will start to feel vibrant.

And remember, the longer you hold onto your pain, the longer it will take to reach your highest potential and live your dream life.  Do not be mistaken, your emotional baggage will keep knocking on the doors of your subconscious mind until you deal with it.