What better way to start your morning than feeling like a Golden Goddess. We feel every women is one, her light can shine brighter than any star if she lets it. Just like wearing a different shade of lipstick we like to change things up, especially in the weekends and this juice certainly adds more kapow to your average store bought OJ variety. Over at headquarters besides having fabulous juices to drink, you can also find us on lounge beds soaking up those important UV rays sipping our juices and appreciating life.

All our juices are of course made with love, araz-ma-tazz and packed full of nutritional goodness. Every glass of juice we make is like half dressed women that needs some accessorising, so we love to serve them up in whatever tickles our fancy, always with a straw and sometimes with a garnish. There’s no rules when it comes to dressing your juices, it’s fun, makes your juice more special, so why not?

So change it up ladies, swap out the store bought sugary drinks and get your Golden Goodness Juice rich in vitamin C, fiber, potassium and folic acid Glow on. Oh and one other tip which you should try is to include as much of the white pith (skin surrounding the citrus sections) as it contains pectin and bioflavonoids, which help the body to absorb vitamin C, strengthen capillaries, assists in circulation, which in turn helps your skin look more beautiful.

Golden Goddess Juice


The Golden Goddess Juice


  • x1 grapefruit
  • x2 oranges
  • x1/2 lemon
  • x1/2 lime
  • Happy thoughts

If you follow solar nutrition, which is a time-determined eating system, it suggests you should have citrus fruits around 10am and we should not mix grapefruit with any other foods, besides citrus ones. The theory behind this is that fruits that grow when the sun’s rays first shine on the treetops are the most nourishing for us to eat in the morning. They are energetically aligned with the body’s morning nutritional needs and even the pH of our digestive system is correlated with these foods. Whether you follow this style of eating or not, we love having it in the morning and which woman wouldn’t want to be sipping on a glass of Golden Goddess Juice?