Svetlana Bondarjuka is the CEO at SplaShow a creative agency, working with business women and their companies offering a wide range of services for promotion, publicity, recognition and positive business reputation formation.

Questions to ask before business negotiations begin

The subject of the right behavior, right outfits, and manner of speech, body language and meeting your targets on business negotiations has a huge amount of tricks to be discussed. I really don’t think that we should be in a rush, so let us start with basics. It’s not far a secret that every step we take in life makes us question ourselves:

  1. Why are we doing it?
  2. What is it bringing into our lives?
  3. What aim are we following?
  4. How do we reach our aim?

These are important that have to be done before every business negotiations you are involved in.



Be prepared!

When you meet a potential client/partner/investor you have to understand their goals and benefits, which they gain if, sign a contract with you/buy your product or service/invest money into your project. Don’t be lazy, and do your homework! Here are the top three things that may be helpful for you:

  1. Business background and history, what companies/businessmen he/she deals with
  2. What projects has he/she participated recently, and, finally, personal background
  3. Information about a wife’s/a husband’s and children’s names can be unbelievably useful

If you can find also some info about hobbies he/she has, sports he/she does, clubs he/she attends, pets that he/she has, what school/university he/she went to etc. – it’ll be your treasure! I mean that these little things will help you to see a person, break through the protection, show your interest and concern, and as a result, to build strong, trustful business relationship from the very beginning.

When I just started the SplaShow company, my team and I had to go through so many business meetings and negotiations, and from my experience, I’m pretty confident to say that – friendliness and warm attitude to the people we dealt with have brought them to us!

Analyze it!

Think through all the benefits your business gaining from the deal, and what the other party gets. Who’s winning more from the deal? If it’s you, then build negotiations with stressing all the benefits you offer, slightly admitting that the deal will be useful for your business. Just try not to let the other party feel that you need the deal more than they do. I know how worried we can become before an important business meeting or presentation, just take a deep breath, clear your mind, feel that YOU CAN DO THIS and go! Remember, keep calm and stay confident.

Choose your course…

When you got your preliminary research done, you can understand, how you should behave on negotiations. Make a few theses that should mention, points that you have to discuss and result you’d like to reach. Certainly, it’s impossible to predict everything, and you will have to follow the flow, slightly correct it and bringing to the right path. You should remember about body language (we’ll discuss it in our next posts), intonations, vocabulary the person uses. It seemed quite difficult to me to keep it all in mind while negotiating, but, trust me – it becomes a habit very soon, and this ability can be a crucial part of getting positive result of your meeting! Practice, practice and practice again.

Here are some basic points that you may follow during your pre-negotiating research. The most important to always bear in mind that we are strong, smart and professional. We always should remember that many successful business women have already gone this way and brought themselves to the top of the business world. Follow your business path, have faith in yourself and success will be yours!


Keep reading, and the following posts will give you more valuable tricks about why it’s so important to know traditions of different nations, if your partners are coming from abroad; how to read body language; how to dress for business negotiations; makeup or no makeup; and much more.

More tips and tricks from Svetlana are coming soon, stay in touch xx