Award-winning author Angela Stokes Monarch lost an amazing 160lbs with a raw lifestyle and natural healthcare, reversing morbid obesity. Her website shares her amazing story of recovery, along with guidance, inspiration for others and more recipes.

Let’s face it: nobody knows busy these days more than moms. It’s inspiring and mind-blowing how Angela Stokes-Monarch can make thriving in these wild times seem so seamless and attainable. She perfects the art of a healthy/raw lifestyle for grownups while keeping it attainable and crave-able for the wee ones as well. We are relieved to learn that we can indulge in sweets in a more intentionally healthy way. In these easy make-ahead recipes, such as these delicious yumballs, Angela shows us show to keep it fun, keep it simple and that a little planning and intention go a LONG way with these grab and go anytime favorites.




  • 24oz nuts of choice (e.g. almonds, pecans, hazelnuts) ground down in high-speed blender
  • sweetener of choice to taste (e.g. about 4 tbsps of coconut sugar)
  • 5-7 tbsp raw carob powder
  • 1-2 tbsp maca powder
  • tiny pinch of “healthy” salt (e.g. Himalayan)
  • chocolate and orange flavor extracts to taste
  • small amount of coconut water or whatever liquid equivalent you have


Add all ingredients except the coconut water into a food processor. (If your food processor is not very big or very strong, you might like to half this recipe). Process all these “dry” ingredients together for a minute or so, to get them thoroughly mixed. Test for flavor balance at this point and adjust as feels good to you. Then, with the processor running, add a very small amount of the coconut water (or equivalent liquid) into the top feeder hole.

See how the mixture looks. Keep adding small amounts of coconut water until preferably the whole mixture clumps itself up together into a big “glossy” looking lump. Then stop the processor and take out small clumps at a time to roll in your palms and turn into balls. Arrange on a beautiful plate to serve. It can be nice to chill these in the fridge before serving. Obviously you can adapt this recipe in any way you like… adding pieces of dried fruit for example, chunks of nuts, coconut flakes/strands…roll the balls in carob powder… dust them with mesquite powder… place a little raisin on top of each ball… and so on – enjoy 😉