I’m Rochelle Gordon and my work is all about self-empowerment through one’s own inner wisdom. I share personal experiences, tools, practices, and strategies that have brought me to daily joy and spiritual enrichment. It is my greatest pleasure to share what has transformed my life knowing that the same magic is accessible and achievable for everyone. I am proud to announce my first Kindle book on Holistic Weight Loss For Woman.

I’m an author and my most recent book, Foolproof Ways For Women to Have Lasting Diet Success which was published on Kindle, Amazon’s e-book publishing arm. The good thing about this process is that there are no agents needed and you can self-publish for free. If you are interested in going down this route, here are some don’ts and dos I learned along the way which will help you to get a book out there and start inspiring others too.


Kindle publishing ~ What to avoid

  • When creating your manuscript, to avoid needless time-consuming work and frustration converting your word document file into an e-pub file, check out this free e-book on e-publishing before you start typing
  • When it comes to converting, don’t believe sales hype about D-I-Y conversion programs that are a snap to use. Depending on your expertise, it might be best hiring a service for this.
  • Don’t spend more than 5 USD on a cover. Use Fiverr.com
  • Don’t assume that just because your book is on Amazon people will magically find it and buy. It takes some marketing knowhow to raise your book in the listings. To gain publicity experience and to avoid conversion hassles, consider signing up with an e-publisher

Kindle publishing ~ What to prepare

  • Produce a work of quality that you are proud to put out there. Those are the one’s that become best sellers.
  • Hire a copy editor to make sure your book is written well and/or a proofreader for grammar, spelling and typo checks—even though your word processor does it.
  • Get your social media ducks lined up before the book is published
  • Create a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, and Pinterest. You don’t have to do them all or at once—start where you can reach the people most interested in your topic.
  • Blog because blogging is good to get yourself and your book known.
  • Develop a thick skin for negative reviews. They show you where you can improve your book and your writing—even your cover. Publishing digitally allows you to change your book as often as you like, and readers get updates. How cool is that!

Kindle publishing ~ Life after amazon

There are many excellent e-book publishing venues.  Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, to name a few. I suggest starting out with Amazon and to test your book with their KDP Select marketing program for 90 days before taking your show on the road.