Victoria Cosmic is an energetic ‘Sexy, Earth Mother’ Igniting passions and empowering women through her writings and mentoring. Raw foodist, nature lover and wild crazy dancer round her kitchen! Truth is her religion and life is her practice. Serving fellow mothers with her no nonsense simple swaps to create a more vibrant lifestyle that benefits the whole family.

Nurturing a child is a full time responsibility. How have you figured out how to juggle your business, intimate relationships, social life and your own sanity on top being a mother?

Hiring a life coach can get you from where you are to where you want to be in ways you thought were never possible, or in many cases, you know are possible but just don’t get round to doing them!


[divider]Top 5 reasons why you may need to hire a coach today

1. Create you more free time

‘I haven’t got enough time’ is a phrase I hear often from my clients and the reality is us mothers do have our hands full balancing the family life and more than often a career as well. But it can be done. A life coach can take a look at your daily and weekly diary, look at it from a different perspective and create more time for the things you love and help get the stuff you don’t love done more efficiently.

2. Improve Relationships

Many relationships become strained due to the pressure that can come along side being a parent. Lack of sleep and new responsibilities for first time mothers a new identity all affect you and those closest to you. Working alongside a life coach, in exploring the new dynamics can refresh and renew both platonic and intimate relationships by giving you a deeper understanding of the situation and ways to observe and improve. 

3. Exercise and ‘Diet’

A favorite phrase of mine ‘motion creates emotion’ the way you are moving your body relates to your mood. As does the food you put into it. With a life coach you can gain support in making conscious choices. When I work with individuals we are making small shifts and swaps of your existing habits which will lead to a healthier, happier, lighter lifestyle, creating lasting effects on your mind and body.

4. Someone to ‘open up’ to

Many of us Mothers love a chat especially if we have been talking ‘baby’ for the day! It can often lighten the load, inspire, excite but can also leave us feeling deflated or even more alone depending on who we have to speak to. Talking to a coach who makes no judgment and is listening solely to support your wellbeing is transformational. A safe space for honesty, vulnerability and courage with a professional who can observe and aid your thought patterns and use of language brings you profound results.

5. Money, Money, Money..

This is a subject that I have found many of my clients are not talking openly about to their friends and family and many even their partner. Together with a life coach you can break down your spending patterns, your incoming and outgoing bills and create a clear out look on your finances. I have never met a single mother who was worse off than she thought or that we could not make some instant improvements upon analysis.

A bonus 1 for you. Although you may see quicker, clearer results with a life coach you do not need one to practice this… Start today.


Learn to Be kind to yourself

Most mothers feel guilt and shame at some point. I hear it often from my clients the ‘shoulda’, ‘woulda’, ‘couldas’ of motherhood.

We are all doing the best we can with the knowledge and capabilities that we have today, being loving of  yourself is something many of us have to re-learn after years of speaking badly of ourselves. It’s the most important lesson I have learnt and continue to learn daily.

Praise yourself. Celebrate your efforts. Thank yourself each day for doing what you have done.

Remind yourself- Everything is just as its supposed to be.

Cosmic Love