Victoria Cosmic is an energetic ‘Sexy, Earth Mother’ Igniting passions and empowering women through her writings and mentoring. Raw foodist, nature lover and wild crazy dancer round her kitchen! Truth is her religion and life is her practice. Serving fellow mothers with her no nonsense simple swaps to create a more vibrant lifestyle that benefits the whole family.

As a parent, with a passion for the development in humans and a life coach for Mothers I have came across many studies, theories and philosophies regarding what is necessary in a child’s life, what is important and what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’

My conclusion – unconditional love and support. Yes they are, in my opinion the most important things you can give your child and the foundation upon which everything else builds on.

I am sure every parent would agree that they want their child to be happy

The first 7 years of the child’s life when incarnating into this earthly being everything is full of wonderment and possibilities. The child is learning and exploring, looking towards you for reassurance and guidance and unconsciously imitating you at this stage of development. The child is looking to you to understand the world it has entered, to check if all is ok.

A parent’s love is a child’s destiny. Love often, when in doubt, love more.

baby-17356_1280To feel supported by your parents for being you, whoever and whatever you decide to be is the most freeing, inspiring and loving thing you can do for your child. It is the messages that a child receives from you as a parent that they will go on to hear, throughout their life and in most cases pass on to their children.

Your child’s self esteem is being carved out by the way you love and support their sense of self, their exploration, their expressions and their creativity. For this reason I feel that it is good to feed on demand, hug on demand and have fun on demand! Create an environment that lets them know they are loved for who they are and that by you their needs will be met.


How do you express your love and support?

Don’t forget the little things that seem so big to a small child…

Create loving memories… Having lunch on the floor as a special picnic for no reason, listen to their stories, name the ladybird they pick up and coo over it until it flies away… even if it takes an hour!

Accept the gifts they bring you, whether it be a stone, flower or a stick. Remembering that’s all they have to give.

Praise effort. Not result

Support them learning and creating. Whether it’s taking their first steps, riding a bike or reading a book. Praise the ‘failed’ attempts equally to the ‘successful’ outcomes. True success is the effort the child puts into something. Supporting them, loving them regardless of outcome will give your child courage and confidence to try new things not just for now but throughout their lives.

Spend time not money

Whatever you can spare, whether it be a whole day, an hour or 15 minutes do something that they love and that captures their interest. Create quality time with no distractions to support their passions from an early age and encourage them through your love to pursue what they love.

A child growing up to feel fully supported and loved by its parents will grow up to be an adult feeling fully supported by the universe.

Happy, fulfilled, confident and free to follow the path they are drawn to, wherever that may be. Knowing they will be guided along the journey and that everything is always ok.

Imagine a world full of adults like that 😀

Cosmic Love


‘When you parent, Its crucial you realize you aren’t raising a mini-me but a spirit throbbing with its own signature” Dr Stefali