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reusable cloth pads
Ali Schueler is a writer and women’s embodiment mentor. She is committed to the re-sacralization of the feminine across the globe. Her mission is passionately providing women with experience-based tools that inspire life-changing awakening in the feminine, promoting emotional awareness, spiritual fulfillment, wild self-expression as well as a connection to our bodies and their natural cycles. She enjoys writing and video blogging weekly through her website WildWomanSpeaks.com

If you landed on this website and decided to click through to this article, it is highly likely that you realize that many aspects of society today are backward, and you are looking for some answers.

Don’t believe everything you’ve been told…

When it comes to women, the instructions we have been given for how to care for our menstrual cycles are backward. We have been misinformed. From our menarche, the onset of our bleeding, we are told to simply stuff ourselves with tampons and we are good to go. Perhaps even pop a birth control pill to “regulate our cycles” or to “clear up our skin”.

We are meant to experience the range of our bodies natural cycles — not disrupt our feminine rhythms by consuming synthetic hormones and pretend like our bleeding doesn’t exist by hiding it with tampons.

Let your body do the talking

What is natural and empowering for us, is allowing ourselves to flow in our feminine nature and get into intimate communication with our bodies so that we can fully understand how we operate.

One simple strategy for women to empower themselves, to get back in communication with their bodies, and to allow their feminine cycle to flow freely, is by using organic cloth reusable pads.

Here are my top 6 reasons to use organic reusable cloth pads

  1. They protect you from harmful chemicals that are in commercial pads and tampons because they are made with organic cloth which is chemical free!
  2. They save you money. Women spend upwards of $20.00 each month, purchasing commercial menstrual products, like tampons and disposable pads. Purchasing a set of reusable cloth pads costs roughly $40.00 and they can last anywhere from 1 year to 3 years, depending how well they are cared for.
  3. They teach you how to interact with your moon blood. We have to look at our blood, touch it, and clean the pads. It is important to interact with it.
  4. They create a ritual out of your menstrual care protocol. Each month involves taking the pads out, preparing them for use, using them, washing them gently, etc. This can become a sacred ritual for us as we care for our sacred cycle.
  5. They are environmentally friendly. Rather than throwing away dozens of toxic commercial pads or tampons each month that will just wind up in a landfill, cloth pads can be used for years to come, leaving much less of an environmental impact.
  6. They help to eliminate cramps. Studies have shown that use of commercial tampons and pads that contain harmful chemicals can lead to painful menstrual cramps. Organic cloth pads are clean and allow our blood to flow freely.

In my opinion, organic cloth reusable pads are the a solution for helping women to have balanced menstrual cycles and a sacred connection to themselves, so that they can lead empowered lives.