At EWC headquarters we LOVE to juice! There’s nothing like a love filled glass of green juice to start our day, it puts a smile on our faces and keeps us glowing like angels. We especially love juicing the green stuff for breakfast as it helps the body absorb nutrients more quickly and gives your digestive system an easy start to the day. Our Green Angel Juice definitely has angelic healing properties if you drink it regularly.

As women we instinctively love to nurture others, hence why many of us have control over the kitchen, from making sure the fridge is stocked to cooking. So we have the power to help change and shape our families to encourage healthy habits, which in turn will create a healthy mind, but first start with yourself and let your feminine creativity run wild. You may notice going forward that our juicing and smoothie recipe names aren’t mainstream, this is because as we want to offer you more, put a smile on your face and add a feminine touch in all that we do. We love creating and experimenting with flavours, colour and accessorizing our juices to inspire you all to break away from what you’ve been told, so you can learn to listen to yourself and what’s right for you.

So spread the news, us ladies are here to bring you juicing recipes with style, giggles, fun and creativity. Throw caution and those aspartame filled drinks back on the shelf and fly with us like angels on the green juicing cloud of love and happiness!

Green Empress1


Green Angel Juice

  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 apple
  • 2 celery stalks
  • 1/2 juice of lemon
  • Knob ginger
  • Bejewelling of love & peace

Depending on your diet and how healthy you are your taste buds might require more sweetness to this Green Angel Juice, if so add more apple. The more you change your diet to move away from additives, preservatives and processed sugar the less sweet you need things.

This juice is like a beauty tonic in a glass as it’s detoxifying and nutrient rich. Also all the ingredients are easy to find, especially the last one, so it’s a good one do if you’re starting to add green juices into your everyday life. Like angels protecting us, we like to think that green juice is doing the same by adding vital nutrients which repair, heal and give us energy. The more naturally we can start to add things in the more connected and grounded to Mother Earth we become, so add more Green Angel Juice to your life today ladies!