A walk in nature is the best therapy- not only is it medicine for the soul, but you are moving – a key factor to keeping healthy for free. It’s important that we go for a walk, that we let our minds be free of any thoughts that might inhibit the experience. You don’t want to be thinking about what you are going to have for dinner?, when is the power bill due?, why did he say? or any other worries. To understand our connection to nature and receive the medicine our bodies need from it, we need to treat it as a special time. It is a time for us to reflect on the surroundings, notice how green the leaves are, listen to the birds sing, breath in the air that smells like bark. Only then, do we realise we are part of something bigger, something amazing, something we all have access too. We are living in the present moment without a care in the world, all is calm and you start to realise how small and insignificant your problems are compared to the living organism that is Mother Earth.

A walk in nature is especially important and hugely restorative for those that spend most of our days glued to the telephone, sitting behind a computer or stuck inside. Research carried out by the University of Edinburgh has proven that a simple walk in a ‘leafy park’ can help to reduce a person’s stress levels and improve their concentration. The research indicates that when we are in natural settings it elicits more contemplative moods within us and can even be thought of as a form of meditation.

They are numerous studies that have shown that people feel less frustrated and are more relaxed when spending time in nature. Taking a walk during that day also helps keep our circadian rhythms aligned with our current location and daylight in itself improves our mood and general feelings of well-being. Then there is the colour and sound therapy aspect of a walk, looking up at the blue sky, seeing the different shades of green and listening to nature can really ground us back to the Earth and re-align our energy systems. Spending as little as five minutes in a nature setting can benefit you so much more than not spending any time in nature. Taking a walk in nature doesn’t cost you a penny, it makes you feel good, gives you a workout and it helps you become more aware of the planet’s other inhabitants. Do you know what walks you can do in your area? In this short video Lady J, Bo’s aunty who is her 60’s, takes her on an hour long walk to the upper Nihotupu Dam in Auckland, New Zealand.

Be brave- be an explorer of nature and it’s many healing gifts!