I am Jessica and after several incredible epiphanies and life experiences, I feel I’ve received more than sufficient answers to my questions. I’m not an enlightened being, not a guru, not even close. I grew up in a Christian home, and was always taught the principles of kindness by my parents. Although I felt a very powerful spiritual force in my life, I was confused by all the rules of religion, but I didn’t know that anything else existed. I am just a person, moved to share my experiences and discoveries, and learn from others.

I’m on the mat for final Savasana…

It’s been a long, pretty formal, music-less class of Vinyasa yoga. I’m in an unfamiliar room with unfamiliar people, feeling hot, tired, and a little disappointed in myself for not trying harder. As I close my eyes and try to find a little relief from my discomfort, music starts to play. Beautiful, soft music that feels a lot like love. Within an instant I am changed. The strangers around me, I suddenly adore. I’m proud of them for what they’ve done in the past hour and moved by their incredible efforts. I love myself for the same things. The small hot room expands, and with my closed eyes, I see lifted cathedral ceilings made of blue colored glass, and beyond that I see stars and space. Everything is beautiful. Everything. All I can feel is love, all I can see is beauty.

Just a second ago I was a hard wall. Unconsciously choosing thoughts that kept this feeling away from me. As I was observing this light that had found its way in through a crack in my darkness, a picture came to mind. I saw those little blades of grass that pop up through the cracks of a sidewalk, and the roots of a tree that push through and break entire blocks of cement to continue along their path of growth. I realized that is love. Love is always pushing towards us. Not just calling for us to come… but coming for us. I cannot create enough of a wall to keep love out just like we cannot build structures strong enough to keep nature from taking its course.

All over this earth we’ve created buildings, roads, and monuments. We’ve used the strongest materials, the smartest engineers, and chose the most stable ground to build upon. But in the end, it will all dissolve, and in it’s place… grass will grow.