Amy is a strategic success coach for life and business. As a business and lifestyle strategist Amy provides clients with tools, resources and support as they expand their experience and possibilities of success beyond their wildest dreams. Amy’s mission is to collaborate with women who are interested in having, doing and being more in the world today and inspiring them to become the leaders of their own lives.

There are many things to do and be to start living a life you love but let’s not get crazy here. Let’s be realistic and start with 4 things to help you love life. They are simple enough, they are actionable and when you start moving through this process you’ll be sure to notice how your life starts opening up to becoming a life you love. Of course at first you might notice the things you don’t want, there’s usually a bit of a shake down, don’t panic, this is normal. So let’s move through the four steps to creating a life you love.

Step 1: Reflection

You must stop and think. Take time for yourself, who are you being right now? What are you doing in your life that is serving your greatest good and what is not currently serving you and your best life?

Action Step

Pause and think. Get present with yourself. Take a walk outside, sit in nature and think about what is working for you right now and what is not. Do this exercise with a gentle heart. No criticism, just note what is in your life right now that you are happy about and what you are uncomfortable with.

Step 2: Be Authentic

Tell the truth about who you are. Get in touch with your essence, your heart center, your truth. Are you being that person in the world?

Action Step

Ask yourself a few questions. Do I like how I’m expressing myself in the world? Am I being true to myself? Is something missing? How can I be more of my truth?

Step 3: Be Creative

In order for you to instantly break free from your current boundaries and limitations and start living a life you love you must go outside your comfort zone and do something fun. BE CREATIVE!!

Action Step

Get out there and have some fun! Is there a childhood activity you’d like to start up again like tap dancing, painting or tennis?

Step 4: Define Your Dream

In order to define your dream you need to look at what currently lights you up inside. Where in your life are you overflowing with happiness and fulfillment and where in your life are you lacking something? You must have an overall sense of what inspires you. Do you know what inspires you? Is there something calling you, a dream waiting to be born?

Action Step

What is your dream? Is it clear right now? If it is, how compelled are you to follow it? Does this dream really bring satisfaction? You must take time to create the dream, if you don’t already know. Journal about what this looks like to you in all the details you can imagine. Where is your happy place? What are you doing and who are you being? If this is the start of your dreaming, use your imagination. These are the first four steps in moving towards living a life you love. Now I know they might seem simple but simple isn’t always easy, especially if you are looking for a big transformation to occur in your life. Ease into the process and allow yourself to be where you are in the midst of moving towards your dreams and loving your life!