People Packaging is what I do… It’s as simple as that. Sylvie is a corporate trainer and image consultant for professionals, who place great importance in how they project themselves and their powerful appearance. She helps individuals and corporations explore how people make up their minds very quickly about others, their leadership potential or their company, and either open the door or slam it shut based on these very key tidbits. To find out more about Sylvie click  here

I know what you were thinking

Since I’m a professional image consultant, you probably assume that my job involves fun tasks like shopping in luxury department stores, or teaching empowered women how to fall in love with their fashionable new wardrobe. Indeed, it does. That’s why you were hoping to get some fashion advice for your business wardrobe. Right?

The truth is —it never starts there

Instead of worrying about the fabric, the cut and the style of your perfectly fitted suit, which is supposed to make us feel like a superhuman, I want you to first ignore all the stuff you can buy at a department store, and talk about the outfit you were born with. Your birthday suit.


How you think about your body is important

Everyone has some aspects to their body that are pleasing, and some that are not so pleasing. Tall or short, fat or lean, old or young, confident women work with the body they have. They seem to have no insecurities, and instead they know how to stand out for all the right reasons. These are the true superhuman. Not those covered in expensive fabrics.

An image consultant can indeed provide you some tips and tricks on how to appear one or two inches taller or shorter, one or two sizes thinner or heavier, one or two years older or younger, or one or two teeny-tiny tricks to look more or less feminine. But I also stress that you cannot change the fundamentals: someone short will never be tall, someone overweight will never look skinny, and a woman should never try to look like a man. Instead, it’s more important that you are confident about

  • your body
  •  your age
  • your color
  • your gender

Otherwise, all those tips and tricks won’t work anyway. Instead, you must do two things that may seem to be contradictory.

1. You must accept your body as it is right now and have full confidence in yourself.

2. You must continually strive to improve your health and your fitness.

You must believe that at this very moment you have what it takes to succeed, and you must also be dedicated to making yourself better in every way. Therefore, start with loving you birthday suit—and worry about the wardrobe afterwards.


“The Image of Leadership” is the result of Sylvie di Giusto’s journey through two career paths: one in the field of human resources, the other one as a professional image consultant.

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