Hello! My name is Sonia and I am passionate about all things beauty. However, I like to keep things natural and simple. From the minute I entered the world of skin care, makeup, health, and lifestyle, I wanted to stay close to mother nature. I believe that all we need has already been created on earth, no mass produced, chemical-filled products for me! I want to share what I know and hope to learn more about health and beauty!

Our skin has been through it all. It has tackled cuts, scars, pollution, dryness, acne, bruises, you name it! However, did these misfortunes cause the most harm to our skin, or is there something else doing damage as we speak? The fact is, many easily accessible products on the market may not be beneficial for your skin at all. That is why I think everyone should make the switch to organic or homemade natural beauty regimes.

Why Make the Switch?

It’s human nature to make everyday tasks easier for ourselves. Commercial products on the market target these types of people by formulating their products to give us the fastest result. Sounds good right? Not so much. These products are packed with chemicals that may solve your problem, but only for a short period of time. In the long run, your skin could become even more troublesome from the side effects of these chemicals. Take acne cream for example. Top brands use sulfates, formaldehydes, fragrances, and even alcohol! What these products do is dry up the acne, along with the rest of your skin. This makes your pimple disappear slightly sooner than not treating it at all but you are left with dry, uncomfortable, and irritated skin. Overtime, the skin will wrinkle faster because it lacked moisture when using those acne treatments. Not to mention the chemicals promoting problems like allergies, redness, and even cancer. What organic skin care does is prevent this problem in the first place. Using natural products gets to the root of your skin problems. It keeps your skin at a natural and healthy state because there are no chemicals affecting or changing your skin’s pH balance. Therefore, an organic routine will help keep excess oil at bay but maintain just enough to lubricate your epidermis, which is the sebum’s rightful

Let’s talk benefits

There are so many great benefits that a natural skin care routine has to offer. From being good for your skin to the environment, it is a win-win situation! First off, your skin will slowly transform into a normal skin type. I have always had dry skin but now I use organic oils like coconut oil for a moisturizer and it works wonders! My sister has oily skin, which is slightly more tricky to help. If you turn to commercial products, their solution for oily skin is to get rid of it all. However, your skin then notices a reduction in sebum and starts producing even more oil. So I also gave my sister coconut oil to try out. The anti-bacterial effects of coconut oil help with acne too! Organic products also help keep your skin youthful and glowing, reducing dry flakes and pre-mature aging. The natural ingredients help your skin to be at its best by preventing sensitivity, eczema, rosacea and much more. By going organic, you will definitely notice a difference in your skin and it will stay beautiful for years to come. The skin is your body’s protective barrier and its largest organ, so give it some TLC!