Hello! My name is Sonia and I am passionate about all things beauty. However, I like to keep things natural and simple. From the minute I entered the world of skin care, makeup, health, and lifestyle, I wanted to stay close to mother nature. I believe that all we need has already been created on earth, no mass produced, chemical-filled products for me! I want to share what I know and hope to learn more about health and beauty!
Who says you can’t stay natural while still including beauty products into your daily routine? Yes, we may not be able to escape certain struggles like acne or wrinkles, but there are always natural beauty methods that can help! A lot of products on the market contain dangerous ingredients that can cause some serious harm to your body. That is why I recommend taking the organic path by making your own products at home.

The Cleanser

Cleanser is a very important step as it rids your skin of dirt and toxins to reveal a glowing and clear complexion. I strongly recommend using the oil cleansing method as it works wonders for your skin! All you need is one part castor oil and two parts olive oil. Massage your skin with the mixture to remove stubborn makeup and excess sebum. Then just pat your face with a hot washcloth to remove any extra oil. This method does not leave the skin oily or tight, but at a perfect in between. It will help control oily skin which in return, improves acne!

The moisturizer

My ultimate, holy grail moisturizer for my face and body is coconut oil. Coconut oil contains fatty acids or triglycerides that retain moisture in your skin. And let’s not forget about its high content of proteins and vitamins that repair, protect from microbial infections, and prevent wrinkles! Sunscreen is essential to prevent pre-mature aging and skin cancer! The sun changes the genetic information in your skin cells, causing them to die or turn cancerous. This is why I choose sunscreen over everything. However, what good is wearing sunscreen when many products use agents like oxybenzone that do more bad than good? All you have to do is mix your favourite, healthy moisturizer with some zinc oxide and your good to go!

The lipstick

At the purest form, you can use blackberries as a lip and cheek stain, or cocoa powder for bronzer and eye shadow. However, some ladies might want to express themselves a bit more with their makeup looks. That is why I suggest purchasing micas and iron oxides that range in colours to use all over the face. Mix a red iron oxide in some castor oil for a fun lip gloss or apply a black iron oxide as eyeliner!

The hair

Want healthy, nourished, shiny hair that doesn’t get greasy as fast? I sure did, that is why I tried the no-poo shampoo method. All you need is:

  • 1 Tbsp baking soda mixed in a cup of water (Shampoo)
  • 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar mixed in a cup of water (Conditioner)

This system restores your scalp’s natural pH, keeping it strong and beautiful. There is so much you can naturally make at home, this is just a glimpse into the organic beauty world. You will definitely notice a difference in your skin and it will stay beautiful for years to come. The skin is your body’s protective barrier and its largest organ, so give it some TLC!