[two_fifth_last]If you are anything like us, we all get tired of being tired and often feel negative thoughts about life and relationships. Let’s just admit it: life can just be plain old hard sometimes. Often at the end of a long day, we have nothing left to offer and feel depleted as we give so much of ourselves away and have zero left for what inspires us. Lillian shares practical steps for self-cultivation in order to become more of a whole person (whether you have a partner or not!), and how to fall in love with yourself all over again (or maybe even for the very first time). Hear about the power of living in the present and how to strive to incorporate that kind of flow into our lives for new vitality and peace.

We will hear Lillian speak about her daily non-negotiables (did she really mention cartoon watching? We LOVE this woman) and hope it encourages you in your own journey to find what it is that TRULY makes your heart sing. Even though the topic of flirting and attracting a partner comes up in this talk, we are reminded that what is truly important is serving the world through our unique gifts and not holding back, and the right person will be attracted to you just by you truly being your shiny, sparkly self.

This is one EMPOWERED packed episode you absolutely won’t want to miss! So pull up a comfy chair and cup of tea for this honest and real girlfriend chat.