Sarah Elizabeth Hayes is one busy Midwestern woman! As a licensed Cosmetologist she finds creative inspiration all around her in everyday life. Besides cosmetology, she is a model which has allowed her to travel to many parts of the world including all over the United States, Canada, and additional countries such as Norway, Germany, France, and the British Overseas Territory. Through her love for fashion, Sarah has always enjoyed experimenting with clothing and accessories. She loves to follow style trends, watch how fashion is constantly repeating itself, and creating fashion of her own; she even has her own line of exclusive separates and accessories!

Organized ClosetHave nothing to wear!?

We have got you covered! Here are some tips and tricks to revamping your closet and your wardrobe!

If you think about it, no matter where or what your ‘closet’ consists of, you go to it each and every day (right?)! I mean, we all get dressed, one way or another. And where do we house our clothes? In a closet, dresser drawers, clothing rack, or even the floor 😉 I believe, it holds more than clothes, it holds feelings. Your ‘closet’ offers mood-makers.

I might just know a thing or two about organizing and maintaining a well-kept closet.

My revamp your wardrobe tips…

  • Organize everything so that you can see it clearly; which goes for your shoes, bags (and even jewelry). I think it helps when you can see everything lined-up, and makes you realize what pieces you can add and also don’t need more of. When doing so, why not separate your clothes by style or color as an easy go-to method for your mood. Add some inexpensive shoe racks to your closet area to display your collection(s).
  • Donate, sell or recycle pieces that no longer fit you or your style. A simple google search will help you find a local consignment or thrift store. You can easily drop-off your items and be on your way. Additionally, if you have brand name apparel, it is worth going to a consignment shop to see if you can get paid for your second-hand treasures. To save time, call the consignment store to see if and when they are currently accepting items. Typically they allow season appropriate pieces; so if you are trying to get rid of all of your summer clothes in the fall, it might be difficult. Try waiting until spring comes along to sell summer staples, and fall is a good time to offer heavier type fashions.
  • Look for staple pieces that you can get a lot of wear out of. While shopping, remember: It’s a splurge if you can’t wear the garment or accessory a couple different ways. Think about creating new looks with using pieces you already own. Get creative, try some layering techniques or mix and match the garment to style up or down. Try mixing high priced & lower priced attire (which makes them unique to you and your style). Revamping your wardrobe every now and then shouldn’t cost you a load of cash.

Well, what are you waiting for?! Have fun transforming your very own ‘closet’ space! Imagine all the possibilities (I did)! ;D

Sarah 🙂

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