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The concept of juicing is something I stumbled across a few years ago. As a vegetarian of 10 years I’m always looking for ways to ensure my health is optimal and I often eat for my health as opposed to the taste but when I discovered juicing I was delighted to find that I could have both the health and the taste.

When you start out it’s very easy to stick to fruits with high sugar as they make anything taste delicious; but as I got more experienced in my juice experimentation I started adding greens to the mix too. My first greens to add was spinach.The thought of drinking spinach didn’t really appeal to me but when I discovered that I could put a handful of leaves in a juice and only minimally taste the the spinach flavor, I was hooked. What other greens could I add to the mix that would be disguised for me to consume more? Broccoli, spirulina and kale just to name a few. One of the best things about putting these greens into a juice is that they are raw and if you blend (as opposed to use a juicing machine as I do) it keeps all the good stuff in!

Moving abroad and following the lifestyle

Not long after I started juicing I moved from Australia to London. I was super surprised about the quality of fruits and vegetables. In Australia, as we grow most produce within the country the vegetables travel less and therefore have a lot longer shelf life as opposed to the UK in which I found they have a much shorter life span.

In the end, this was a blessing in disguise as it forced me to go out and explore the markets of London and my oh my are there some amazing markets! My favorite is the Chapel fresh food markets in Angel, the vegetables are fresh, straight from the farmers so it lasts much longer but not only was the shelf life dramatically improved, going to markets opened up my world to the different types of fruit out there.

Another exciting part of London living as a juice lover is that there’s many like-minded people and groups dedicated such as on meetup.com and Facebook (just do a search on juicing) – you’ll find lots of people dedicated to this lifestyle.

What do my friends say?

Some think I’m super crazy for consuming so much juice and most are concerned with the amount of sugar consumed in one drink. They’re right, there is a lot of sugar in fruit however this just means that you need to plan your consumption wisely and add vegetables too. Now-a-days my vegetable to fruit ratio is around 70/30.


Juicing traveling tips

Depending on what country you visit juicing is becoming widespread and therefore you can easily find places that sell fresh juice. Some of my juicing friends also rave about squeezing their travel sized Nutri-bullet or a hand blender into their suitcases however I prefer to explore the markets and find fresh juice that way. If you’re traveling with your smart phone or computer, try findjuicebar.com, a site I founded after not being able to easily find fresh juice abroad – it geolocates you, tells you the nearest juice bar to your location and gives you directions if you’d like.

Juicing tips for people starting out

One of the best tips to remember about juicing is that it really does make you feel healthy and also makes you think more about what you’re putting into your body. For anyone looking to try juicing I’d recommend trying one a day for breakfast and see how you feel. If time doesn’t permit, do one weekly uber juicing effort and freeze the portions for later.

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