It’s International Women’s Day – Sunday 8th of March 2015! We want to take a moment to celebrate women we think are inspirational and leading the way in helping to empower others (there are so many). There is a bit of all these ladies in us and everyone we come across is a reflection of who we are and the fact that you are reading this blog means these ladies are a reflection of you! PS this means you too are amazing and capable of great things. If you feel it, if you believe it and if you think it, then it will be…

Louise Hay – Hay House Publishing

The queen of affirmations and a woman who keeps surprising us as to what she is is up to next is Louise Hay. Louise is a lady we follow closely, from creating Hay House and the summit we love every year to speaking from her heart, we love everything she shares. Her answer to many of our problems is that we need to love ourselves first and we couldn’t agree more! No matter what phase of life you are in we all have the potential right now to live our dreams as our thoughts can create our reality.

“Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.” @LouiseHay Click To Tweet

Liana Werner-Gray – The Earth Diet

This empowered woman is an international speaker who promotes natural healing through a healthy diet and lifestyle. After healing herself of some serious health issues by embracing a natural lifestyle and a successful cookbook that promotes using ingredients that nature has given us in its unprocessed form, we love her passion for the planet and amazing recipes!

Marie Forleo – Marie TV

This lady is kick arse and on a mission to help you create your dreams, overcome obstacles, and help you understand you have the power to change your life and change the world. Her video’s are awesome, she interviews the most inspirational people and she has a quirky sense of humor! She inspires viewers from 193 countries around the world and we are one of them. We can learn so much from this talented women and the information she is sharing.

The world needs you. It needs that special things you've been dreaming about since you were little. -@MarieForleo Click To Tweet

Sarah Nigel – Holistic Habits

With a very successful YouTube channel that boosts how to live a healthy lifestyle from fashion, makeup tips to tasty recipes this lady has it covered! We love multi-talented women who want to give others a better option and can show us a bit of amazing DIY.

Nisha Moodley – Fierce Fabulous Free

Nisha works with hundreds of women from around the globe and believes if we come together in the space of freedom-focused sisterhood, really good stuff happens for us and for the world. We couldn’t agree with her more! We will be taking part in her ‘Global Sisterhood Day‘ on March 21st and hope you can join us too 🙂

A woman on a mission has no time for competition -@AskNisha Click To Tweet

There were soooooo many more women we would love to add to this list, but then the blog would be too long and you might not read/watch any of it! I guess we will have to do another one soon! If you like any of these ladies, share this and let us know who inspires you and who you would like to see on this list 🙂