raw fudge2Everyone needs a sweet treat every now and then and this ‘Raw White Fudge’ is so easy to make and delicious. We have tested this at headquarters with a few different options, but each time it doesn’t last long! We were lucky that Bo managed to get photo’s for this blog (yes it’s that good). We can’t stress enough how good this recipe is. It’s perfect if you’re having friends around, as they can’t figure out what’s in it and can’t believe it’s raw. This one takes under 10mins to make if you’re organised and the only cooking involved is melt some coconut oil, unless you can let it sit in the sun to melt, then there’s none.


Our Raw White Fudge doesn’t taste exactly the same as store bought processed fudge, because it softens at room temperature, doesn’t contain caster sugar, butter or milk, but it does melt in your mouth and doesn’t last long. We think it’s best served straight from the freezer and to chill leftovers as soon as possible. We love the pop of hemp seed, but you can add whatever you like and make it your own version. We have tested this recipe with dried apricots, cocao nibs, nuts and himalayan rock salt, because we love that salty sweet mix. Also if you don’t want to use honey you can also use coconut sugar/nectar or agave, but either way, it’s downright tasty and one the whole family will enjoy.

raw fudge1


  • 1/2 jar tahini
  • 8 dried figs chopped
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • Handful hemp seeds
  • 2 TBsp melted coconut oil
  • 1 vanilla pod or tsp vanilla essence


In a pan on low heat melted coconut oil then take off heat and mix in the honey vanilla. Then mix in other ingredients. We like to have a few taste testing sessions to make sure it’s perfect. Sometimes we find we might need more honey or dried fruits, depending on the type of tahini (it can be a bit bitter). Next add to a tray or containers, spread it like a slice to the thickness you want (thicker is better we think) and put in the freezer for a few hours or until hardened. Once hardened take out cut into squares and serve. Put the cut pieces back in the fridge for later . Don’t forget to add some kindness and love to your squares of yummy deliciousness!