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Can the facial gym help workout wrinkles on my face? » Empowered Women's Channel
I’m Alina from Latvia and I have a passion to make all women healthy and beautiful. Besides being a face fitness specialist, I’m also a qualified personal trainer and have trained ladies to get amazing legs and bums in 6 weeks based on the ‘Bailey’ technique. Through my business ‘Facial Gym‘, I’m the first woman to bring facial gym techniques to the UK (and now globally).

Catchy blog title right? Now I have your attention, I’m going to give you the basics about your skin as I do to teach my clients how to prevent all facial problems at home using only their hands. At the Facial Gym, you won’t see results over night, as it’s all natural and we all know something that is natural might take a bit of time (usually 1-3 months) to rejuvenate your face and become younger and healthier going forward. But first here’s my 101 on expelling some myths about your face that you might not know.

What’s the real cause of wrinkles and sagginess on my face?

Everyone claims that we get wrinkles because skin loses its elasticity, muscles become weak and start to sag. Well, part of that is true, but it’s actually a much more simple process. Our muscles do get weaker because of all stresses we have in our modern lifestyles. When we are angry, upset or irritated, the muscles in our face shrink and become short and spastic. Unlike most muscles in our body which are attached to bones at both ends, the facial muscles, of which there are about 57 tiny ones attached with one end to the bone, with another to the skin. Thus when these muscles shorten, the end attached to the skin pulls, creating a wrinkle or crease.

But that’s not all! As time goes on, these spastic muscles create blockages, so our body’s liquid, like blood and lymph fluid- struggle to flow down from the head and may start to accumulate creating a “pocket” and thus muscular blocks. The pocket absorbs more and more liquid and once it gets heavy, then gravity steps in and makes the skin sag. Our bodies circulation from head to toe is so important and in the face after years of it not doing exercises it make look fatter and fatter. For example, one of the most common places for these sags to happen is the chin, which is caused by blocked upper back and so a double chin is more prominent. The other place common place I see a build up is what is called the nasolabial folds, the puff you see on ladies from their nose to lip corners. Sound familiar?

Now I’m not saying all of this can be fixed through facial exercises, as you ladies know as well as I do that our lifestyles play a big part too, but you will see visible results. So here are some simple tips on how to get started:

  1. Take life easier, find time for you and avoid those excessive negative facial expressions like anger and stress
  2. Relax spasms, which already exist on our face, so go give yourself a facial massage (more on how to do this coming soon!)
  3. Remove excess liquid out of your face by getting a lymphatic drainage facial

Facial Gym - Example

Why expensive creams won’t help you to fight wrinkles and sag!

As mentioned above, the major reason of wrinkle formation lays in the shortening of muscles- not skin, so how can creams help fix the muscles? You got it- it can’t! You need to get the the root of the cause, what’s underneath your skin. Just like when you want to train and sculpt your body in a particular way you need time, to detox all the bad habits from your diet and to move and build the muscle how you want it to look. The same rules apply for the muscles in your face. Dermatologists and surgeons work with the problem and not the cause, which is more cost effective, but takes time to retrain your facial muscles. Of course this blog is a simplified version of what I do, but it’s to give you a general introduction that detoxing (even for your face) is important, and the next time you think that expensive miracle cream is going to make those wrinkles disappear, think again! How about trying working out the muscles that lie beneath.