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A Hypnobirthing Story... » Empowered Women's Channel

Be careful what you wish for…

We started our journey attending hypnobirthing classes quite early in the pregnancy at 18 weeks along but this was quite beneficial, as it allowed for plenty of time to repeat and practice the techniques which resonated with us.  The one piece of feedback I would pass on is, be careful what you wish for – I convinced myself the baby would be either early or right on time so without a doubt, labor began on the Monday – her due date; but we didn’t deliver the baby until early Saturday morning!!!

The extended initial phase of labor was a little unexpected, but gave us the opportunity to certainly try out all the hypnobirthing techniques and remain open to where the experience was taking us!  It was tiring being awake all night experiencing ongoing surges Tuesday and Thursday but, I had the relaxation cds playing on a loop and they allowed for me to get up in the morning finding myself feeling calm, centered and strangely quite rested.

My birthcare experience…

Everything happened without induction. My water broke on Friday and when it came time in the evening to leave the house I was then 5-6cm dilated, so we were pretty much right on target!  We calmly (and very joyfully) left for birthcare and I was in the birthing pool by 10pm.  This felt relaxing and rewarding and baby Jade was born 4 hours later.  The birth itself was textbook; her heart rate remained stable the entire time, and the only reason we labored for a few days beforehand, is because she had her arm up resting her head on her hand.  I felt it was a little bit of the old ‘talk to the hand cause the face ain’t listening’ story, as she was going to be born when she was ready… not when I thought she was…..thank you very much 🙂


How did my hypnobirthing techniques go?

I am still blown away by how amazing the hypnobirthing techniques were for us. I felt so proud and empowered that it didn’t cross my mind to throw in the towel and ask for drugs; it saved me and my baby experiencing an epidural, and it was almost as if it were all a bit surreal staying in that relaxed state. It allowed for the beautiful spiritual experience mother nature intends for the mum to have. This is too special and so amazing to experience as a woman, without giving it away being numbed with drugs. When it was time for the baby’s head to be born, I was also amazed by how the J-breathing controls with a very ‘slowly-slowly’ effect – she was born gently into the water as we wished for, and placed on my chest for mum and dad both in the water to greet, and for her to take in her first breath.  It was overwhelming and felt like we had won the biggest prize of our life.

My baby after her birth…

Baby Jade is without a doubt, an awesome sleeper – often doing 6-7-8 hour stints at 4-6 weeks old.  She feeds well and is a happy placid wee thing.  She first smiled at 2 weeks old, a true recognition type response and hasn’t stopped smiling since.  I truly believe learning about hypnobirthing and giving it our best, has given us this wonderful relaxed little package of happiness and full credit to our hypnobirthing teacher – a fantastic woman who we know with an open mind heading down this road… After all, at the end of the day, an open mind is all you really need to do it. I don’t have a blog, I am not even on Facebook, but I wanted to share my story with you to give you another option when looking into how you decide to birth your baby 🙂 Jane xx