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Four green cleaning recipes & tips for the home » Empowered Women's Channel
My name is Ashley, and I am a self proclaimed health and holistic wellness FREAK! I found the power behind nutrition, spiritual cultivation, mother earth and most importantly, MYSELF . And now, I am so proud to share little pieces of my heart with you about how YOU can do the same. I have a personal belief that YOU are the best teacher you will ever find and I am so excited that you have taken time out of your day in order to teach yourself something new today!

Its that day again… Green cleaning all the way!

You go to your supply cupboard and open it up. You look at all the various cleaners you have for different things; toilet, sink, shower, walls, laundry, stain removers for the carpet, and polishes for wood, etc . There is a never ending list of cleaners for various things. And it suddenly occurs to you, “I wonder what these are made out of… I wonder if these are safe to have around me, my pets and family… Are these safe for the environment? If you aren’t making your own batches of cleaners, then most likely not, on all accounts. Common household cleaners have a whole host of carcinogenic (cancer causing), hormone altering, skin eating, man made neurotoxic (poisonous to nerve tissue, as to the brain or spinal cord) chemicals in them.

Sure they do a great job at getting your bathroom and kitchen sparkly clean, but when it comes down to it, don’t you want to be able to set vegetables or toothbrush down on your countertop without having to worry about what carcinogens it just touched, and now you will ingest? But don’t despair! There are many very easy, safe, and effective alternatives! Here are some of my favorite easy cleaning tips and recipes:

1. All Purpose Stain Remover

Equal parts of Liquid Castile Soap (Dr. Bronners is a great brand with naturally derived ingredients), filtered water, and hydrogen peroxide. Store in a spray bottle. Spray on almost anything, let it set for about a minute and then wipe away or press firmly on a towel for carpet. I have gotten sharpie off of my carpet that was there for at least 24 hours with this!

2. Grease Fighter

Lemon and Lime oil takes out grease spots on clothes, carpets, and kitchens! For additional power, mix a few drops of lemon or lime oil into a spray bottle of distilled white vinegar and use for grease on counter tops/stove.

3. Wonders of Vinegar

White vinegar diluted 1/2 with filtered water is the BEST cleaner I have ever used for polishing metals and mirrors, as well as just a multi-purpose cleaner in general. Add essential oils to spruce it up or even add fresh lemon/lime/orange peels to infuse it with a wonderful aroma! Need more ideas then check out this great website with 1001 ways to use white vinegar in your home.

4. Wood Polish/Finisher

And lastly, coconut oil is a great way to polish and refinish wood! You can see here how coconut oil has added value to this refinished wood desk, do you need to give a facelift to refinished wood you have laying around? 

[divider]Good luck with your small introduction into the world of green cleaning!