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Enemas are NOT just for the elderly or the constipated anymore » Empowered Women's Channel

Celebrities such as Mae West, John Lennon, Damon Wayans, Janet Jackson, James Coburn, and so many other celebrities have used enemas as cleansing methods and talked about how these therapies helped them. This may come as a shocker to you- even a tad taboo, or possibly borderline disgusting to have an open chat about the health benefits of regular enemas. (Oh, and I guess we failed to mention we are not just talking about the good old water kind). Coffee enemas are climbing the charts in the health awareness movement as one of the top ways of personal detoxification.

Why do people do enemas again?

You may of heard our coffee enema podcast (if not you can listen to it here) and we just want to give you another option to detoxify your beautiful body and get the nasties out! From the minute we walk out the front door until the time we put our heads down on our pillows at night-we are bombarded by a host of potential harmful environmental factors, not to mention some of the unhealthy choices we gravitate toward daily that can add up to underlying reasons for many health and wellness challenges we may face.

In a nutshell-coffee enemas help to open the bile duct to the liver so that stored toxins can flow out of the liver and out of the body, lightening the load that our body has had to carry for so long.

Why coffee?

The caffeine in the coffee helps to stimulate the bile duct to open and the liver to contract a bit so it can properly rid toxins. Since our livers are the main organ of detoxification, don’t you think they deserve a little help every now and then? The benefits of coffee enemas include but are not limited to clearer skin, feeling lighter, losing weight naturally, thinking clearer and even expelling parasites and worms. Might not sound pleasant but it’s true for many people.



How hard is doing a coffee enema?

Truth be told-it’s super fast and easy once you get the hang of it. Like anything new though, it takes a bit of learning and getting used to (and the occasional toilet mishap- so you might want to put down some comfortable washable towels just in case 🙂

Once you have the needed supplies and learn how to make the coffee substance properly, all you need is 20 minutes and a good book! We here at headquarters like to lay on the suggested right side of our bodies after the liquid is inserted as we know that helps to open the bile duct and every twenty minutes the blood cycles through the organ, allowing the full cycle of detoxification to complete. Set a timer, light some candles or throw in your earbuds and listen to a relaxing playlist or read a great book! You’ll be amazed at how fast the time passes.

Like anything new-trial and error as well as getting used to something new will most likely be the case. The more we stuck in there with it though, the more glad we were we did! Our bodies are thanking us continually and we are happy to be of service back to it for how much it does for us on a daily basis.

So, hopefully you are inspired to show your liver some lovin’! Who doesn’t want to feel their best and be able to give back to the world feeling empowered? We hope you smile and your liver smiles back 🙂