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The 7 deadly sins of Self-doubt: No 5 » Empowered Women's Channel
I am Lillian Ogbogoh, a Sensuality Discovery Specialist. I work with amazing women who are single, celibate and unhappy with it to turbo charge their magnetism to attract and keep the man they desire. By reconnecting them to their deeply powerful and sensuous sides without shame, baggage and false information on their road to owning their empowered sex life.

Self-doubt No 4: Miss perfect CEO…

Are you on the constant quest for perfection at all costs? Be it in your career or your home life, you drive yourself to the point of exhaustion in your quest for perfectionism. We were all brought up with the ideals that we have to be perfect, to strive to be excellent at what we do. Remember the old adage that your parents would have used at least once or twice in your life, “practice makes perfect”? I’m not talking about striving to be better or working to a standard of excellence.

This quest for perfectionism is something else, as you drive yourself from a place where everything you touch must meet this mythical higher standard. It is this way of living that draws you into a vicious circle of second guessing everything and every decision you make. You end up in analysis-paralysis instead of stepping into your highest self and showing up in the world as the glorious being that you are.

This analysis paralysis hell…

According to Wikipedia ‘Perfectionism’ is seen as a personality disposition characterized by an individual striving for flawlessness and setting excessively high performance standards, accompanied by overly critical self-evaluations and concerns regarding others’ evaluations.

In reality it’s normally a person who is constantly seeking to be the best of the best with very ridiculous standards. A lot of procrastinators are secretly Mr. and Miss Perfect CEO’s; they never start anything, or if they do, they never finish their project because they have tagged it with the it must be perfect flag and they are so afraid of being judged by others and to be found wanting that they would rather not put things out into the world, in case, heaven forbid, someone does not like it or it does not meet their imaginary standard of perfect.

This sin is fed by two things that keep it growing like a weed…

Number 1: Fear

The fear of not being good enough or not doing enough. It sends them into a tailspin of second guessing their own knowledge and gifts which has them scurrying back into the dark. They are afraid that people can see that they are only faking it to make it. Oh, heaven forbid that people see them for a human who is slightly imperfect!

Number 2: The Comparison Gremlin

This keeps you playing the ‘the grass is greener on the other side’ game which is actually very destructive as it eats away at you as you are busy counting other people’s blessings and discounting your unique gifts and your personal journey.

A fix for this Self-doubt is the miracle of imperfect action…

Remember when you started walking? You fell down a few times but you kept getting back up and putting one foot in front of the other. Imperfect action is about doing one thing that gets you closer to your desire and out of your analysis-paralysis prison, which, more often than not, is disguised as your comfort zone as it’s often very easy and comfy in that prison we make for ourselves. So this imperfect action fix calls for us to step up and out of that bubble. Complete that task which could be walking around your block twice a week if your desire is to become healthier, and find a workout accountability partner to keep you on track. Finish that article or step-up and join a book project to co-author a book. Take that imperfect action to give yourself the gift of experiencing something brand spanking new with all its lemon scented goodness.