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Let's change a planet full of rubbish to Empowered Unicorns! » Empowered Women's Channel

We are polluting our beautiful planet at an alarming rate and whenever we read about innocent sea/land animals with a belly full of plastic, waste seeping into the ground and chemically polluted drinking water causing pain, it breaks our hearts. There is a giant whirlpool of debris around the Pacific millions of square kilometres long. It’s getting bad ladies, we can’t just put the trash out, throw it on the street, leave it behind and not think of the consequences or what we can do to help change it.

The tiny pieces

The tiny “microplastics” in our oceans are created, when items like plastic bags over time pound in the waves coupled with solar radiation and saltwater. They are being detected in oceans all over the globe and are thinner than a camels hair. Yes that’s pretty thin and means it gets absorbed by all sorts of sea creatures, like fishies and selfish. Hang on… yes plastic could be getting into the foods you eat! Something to think about the next time you throw plastic away right?

The nets that create ghosts

With our increasing consumption levels and disconnection to where our food comes from, we are depleting the oceans of its creatures as well as polluting it. The constant trawling of fishing boats not only disrupts the natural habitat of the ocean environment, but nets and equipment lost or discarded during these activities threaten turtles, birds, fish, dolphins and other innocent creatures. If those that got trapped and died could come back as ghosts, the ocean would be littered with them.

This video is something everyone should watch! It’s sad to see what are we doing to our planet and it’s creatures no? Despite the sadness we hope it encourages change in you, as we hold the power to create change and make the world a better place for everything!

I’m only one person what can I do?

  1. The desire to want change is raising, we are at a turning point and together we can all make a huge difference. The time of being selfish, consuming more than we need and believing in what we are told is over.  We all have the choice to take the following steps to help decrease our personal rubbish output.
  2. Let’s start to educate ourselves about what is going on with our oceans and food. Check out studies about the heavy metal absorption found in the seafood we eat (the internet is such a great resource tool).
  3. Stop being so wasteful with what we consume, ask yourself if you really need it? or do you just want it?
  4. Know what you can and can’t put down your drain, is there a natural cleaner that can do the same thing? Do you buy Eco-friendly and biodegradable products?
  5. Is that even trash? We waste and throw away a lot of food that could be used as compost. We also don’t recycle as much as we should.

Support Unicorns


Help reduce rubbish Support Unicorns

Support UnicornsOur favourite tip is to swap the paper and plastic bags for Empowered Unicorns! Yes we like to think outside the box and wanted to create a reusable bag that was more than just cloth. It certainly makes people think, smile and ultimately you feel good not wasting anymore of the Earth’s valuable resources and we love the following conversation when paying:

  1. Question: Bags for you today?
  2. Answer: Not anymore I have Empowered Unicorns

As mothers of the Earth let’s come together, raise global awareness, recycle, reuse and support the Power of Unicorns!