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An easy homemade raw pesto recipe » Empowered Women's Channel

Making homemade raw pesto is so easy and not an exact science. You can use your womanly intuition when it comes to the taste and it’s fun! You can also use this recipe for some many other things like salad dressings, on pizzas, crackers and as dipping sauce with veggies. This pesto is dairy-free, gluten-free and tastes amazing!

The ingredients can be found pretty easy and the best time to make pesto is when fresh basil is in season. Basil is one of the most valuable plants in the garden as it’s super easy to grow and has so much flavour. It’s a summer plant, which likes heat and comes in a few varieties.

With this pesto you can also play around with using other herbs and nuts such as walnuts, parsley, cilantro, pine nuts or hazelnuts. It’s important to soak your nuts over night so they are activated before use and even more beneficial to beautify that gorgeous body of yours!

We also like to use good quality cold pressed olive oil and again, you can play around with other oils like avocado and macadamia. This is all about creating a pesto to your taste and liking. We also like to eat this pesto with Explore Asia’s mung bean fettuccine, which for you raw foodists, you can just soak overnight in water.

Raw pesto recipe


Raw Basil Pesto Recipe


• 2 bunches of fresh basil
• 1 juice of a lemon
• 1 tsp cayenne pepper
• 1/2 cup olive oil
• 1 cup cashew nuts soaked overnight
• 2 cloves of garlic
• dash of salt & pepper
• 1/4 cup water (optional if you don’t want to use too much olive oil)


  • 3Tbs Nutritional yeast

Nutritional Yeast – it’s yellow it’s flaky and it’s a great vegan substitute for that cheesy flavour. Full of the B-complex vitamins, nutritional yeast boasts trace minerals and, being a complete, bioavailable source of protein, contains all 18 amino acids. It is naturally free of dairy, soy, gluten and sugar, and contains no animal products.



Add all of the ingredients into your blender (we prefer the Vitamix) and blend until your desired consistency. Feel free to add more water in small amounts at a time if it doesn’t blend well. The main thing is to taste it as you go and add more of the flavours you like! Have fun with your cooking- add laughter and joy to it however you can. Might even involve dancing alone in the kitchen!  How can you not when it turns out this beautiful green colour? Green is good for the body as well as the soul. Enjoy!