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How to create a new shelf from an old door » Empowered Women's Channel
With a passion for peace, plants and DIY at only 16, Kelsey Weaver is one we can learn from. She knows there’s a creative goddess in all of us! This crafty chicka sets out to pursue a life of health, happiness and harmony. Kelsey writes about natural living, creativity and empowerment at KeepingUpWithKelsey and wants to inspire other women to join her journey.

EWC_DIYI love creating new things from old unloved pieces- I think they call it upcycling or recycling (he he he) and either way and it feels so good to be doing my part by not adding to the rubbish pile. After deciding to redesign my bedroom, I initially jumped to the vast world of Pinterest to gain creative ideas and pulled together loads of beautiful bohemian bedrooms. I was inspired by the light in each picture and the various patterned dećor.

After searching for storage options, I came across two different designs for a door shelf and favored the idea of a corner shelf, as I had the perfect spot for it! My lovely dad helped to source me an old door from a job site -and just like that my idea was jump-started into an actual DIY project, which I’m delighted to share with you.

Transforming that old door into something shiny…

What you need to create a new shelf

  • An old door
  • screwdriver
  • screws
  • sandpaper
  • circular saw
  • doorknob
  • paint
  • extra wood for shelves

Let’s Get Started

  1. Cut the door vertically down the center with a circular saw.
  2. With the cut pieces forming the corner, screw the two pieces of the door together. You can add brackets to the back of the door to hold the pieces together, but this is not necessary.
  3. Cut your shelves according to the size of your door. I used 5 shelves in mine. At this point, if you want your shelves to look different than the door itself, you can paint or stain them. I also distressed my shelves with a screwdriver before staining. If you want your shelves to be the same color as the door, you can wait until the end to paint the entire shelf.
  4. Place the shelves where you want them and screw them in from the back of the door.
  5. If you would like to change the doorknob, do so now! I kept my old rusty one.
  6. You can then distress the paint on the door as you like. For mine, we didn’t distress the paint, but put it on thickly to give an older effect. I also made sure to keep the scratches and rusty handle on my door!

I filled my shelf with trinkety objects, including my hand-carved wooden giraffe and Himalayan salt lamp. I hope this inspires you ladies to go forth and create!