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Touch is our first language. Touch is primal. » Empowered Women's Channel

Nestled deep within the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina, a group of friends from across the country get together for four days at the Wild Goose Festival along with some log cabin-living. As we began to settle from the events of the first day, someone noticed I brought my massage table along with an array of essential oils and asked if they could experience a Sacred Touch healing session.

At the beginning of my sessions I ask those I’m working with to set an intention for their session so that I can get in-tune with their needs. When I did this at the cabin, multiple recipients answered: “I want to be touched … touched a lot!”

I think these responses resonate with many of us. We want to be touched in an appropriate, loving, nurturing, and healthy manner. We desire to be connected with another human being in a positive and meaningful way.

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Touch is our first language. Touch is primal. Touch allows us to communicate in a manner so deep where words fail to fully convey the essence of what our souls desire to reveal. Touch can relieve stress, bring comfort, ease pain and create a sense of connectedness and belonging. Touch heals on multiple levels. Touch is one of our strongest desires; yet touch is often feared … and understandably so.

It is generally accepted that over 25% of men and women (including teens and children) have experienced some form of abusive touch; be that through violence or sexual exploitation. That percentage is based on only cases that have been reported. It is understandable why we have become a touch-starved society.

I have discovered during my many years of attending to the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of people the following to be true: That which hurt us is the only thing that can heal us. May we learn to touch appropriately, lovingly and with intentionality. This will not only bring life to the recipient, it will also bring life to us!