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A Cantaloupe Banana Smoothie » Empowered Women's Channel

Elisa is a vegetarian, vegan, raw and allergy-friendly food blogger from Italy. She defines herself a photographer powered by plants. Her website Green Road to Bliss was created to spread her love for plant-based foods and her journey through a healthier lifestyle wit you.

As I first started eating fruit at breakfast, I realized that I did not need coffee to feel awake. Fruit makes me feel so energized and alive, especially if it’s the first thing I eat in the morning! The most amazing thing about fruit is that you can blend it in a countless number of combinations, mixing it with veggies and spices too.

My first experience with smoothies involved many different types of fruit mixed without any kind of logic or planning. Most of the time it went good. With time I learned what fruit combining I liked and what didn’t work for me. I also tried to stick with correct fruit combining, ending up to the conclusion that as long as I eat fruit on an empty stomach, I have no problem digesting different categories of fruit.

Today I decided to mix cantaloupe and banana, which is a very unusual combination for me. I blended them and I poured the smoothie in a glass full of fresh basil leaves and laurel, to give it an “infused herbs” flavour. I used fresh basil and dried laurel leaves. I suggest you use fresh leaves, if you have them. You can try it with dried basil too, but I can’t ensure an optimal result.

As expected, the result was amazing! I mean, cantaloupe and banana are so sweet and delicious, you can’t mess up!

Cantaloupe Smoothie


Cantaloupe Banana Smoothie


  • 3 cup diced cantaloupe (500g)
  • 1 medium banana
  • 3-4 ice cubes
  • 4 basil leaves
  • 3 laurel leaves
  • mint leaves for garnish


  1. Blend cantaloupe, banana and ice together until smooth.
  2. Pour in a glass with basil and laurel
  3. Garnish with mint leaves

This smoothie is also very refreshing and creamy, and it will keep you very hydrated too because of the high quantity of water in cantaloupe. Perfect for hot summer days. I’m now picturing myself at the beach, with an awesome sea, a little wind going trough my hair, the sunshine, and a big glass of awesome cantaloupe smoothie in my hand! I’m just about to leave for the beach, so hopefully this dream will become true 😉