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Why it’s good to sweat » Empowered Women's Channel
Combining her love for fashion and sustainability, fashion expert and passionate health crusader, Michelle Kramer is the Founder and CEO of Ohganix®; a lifestyle company for men and women focused on creating health conscious organic apparel.

Our skin is the largest eliminative organ in the body. Through sweat our body releases stored toxins and metabolic waste products such as urea and lactic acid. Sweating also helps to regulate our body temperature when the water in the sweat evaporates. Additionally, the urocanic acid in sweat may also offer protection for the skin against ultraviolet radiation. Wow! Who knew that sweating could do so much!? Well, it does all of this and more!…

What happens if you do not sweat often?

Lack of sweating and movement of the body will cause an accumulation of toxins in the body over time which will interfere with the body’s natural functioning and elimination process leading to disease. Toxin build-up can also drive the production of more free radicals throughout the body which can lead to harmful effects such as degenerative conditions, advanced aging, and contribute to the development of cancer. Waste in the body also leads to inflammation as a protective measure of the body trying to rid itself of excess matter.

How do I know if my body is not getting the proper elimination it needs?

Your skin will be one of the first of the body’s systems to show signs that your body is not getting the sufficient elimination it needs. If your skin is prone to conditions such as acne, eczema, oily or dry skin, etc, it can be an indication of poor elimination of toxins and toxin build-up. Having soft, clear and hydrated skin is an indication of proper elimination and a more detoxified system.

What are optimal ways to help sweat and cleanse the body?


Exercise is essential for proper elimination. Movement of the body improves circulation and perspiration to start cleansing the body and encourages toxins towards organs of elimination. People who exercise on a daily basis are more apt to remove toxic waste each day. Conditions such as sitting all day at a desk in an air conditioned environment will not contribute to the daily detoxification that the body needs. Pores in the skin will become clogged from being immobile and will tax the body’s systems further. Through sweating, our skin’s pores and cellular waste on the epidermal layer in our hair, fingernails and toenails also get cleansed.


Saunas are one of the most effective ways for detoxifying both heavy metals and chemicals from the body. On a greater level, far infrared saunas, rather than just heated saunas, use infrared light which help to stimulate the release of toxins in the tissues and organs on a much deeper level. The resulting perspiration from a infrared sauna can contain up to 20% heavy metals and toxins as opposed to as little as 1% in normal daily perspiration.

Wear proper clothing

Wearing the proper clothing is a key factor in proper detoxification and elimination of sweat from the body. Clothing made from synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon suffocate the skin and do not allow it to breathe and cleanse properly. Additionally, tight or restrictive clothing can block the skin’s pores and hamper the body’s lymphatic system (the essential tool in stimulating movement of toxins and waste from the body).

Wearing natural fibered clothing such as organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, and linen, allows the skin to breath and the pores to be open to facilitate its daily detoxification routine. Furthermore, clothing that has a  relaxed fit and loose fitting (and does not leave red marks where worn), is optimal in supporting your body’s waste matter to be cleansed from the body.

In conclusion, sweating, increased metabolism, and movement of the lymph system are all important in assisting the removal of toxins and excess minerals from our body. By integrating some of the suggested ways to sweat above, you are giving your body the opportunity to rid itself of waste and unnecessary harmful compounds. In doing so, you will be supporting organ function by not taxing the body’s systems with excess accumulation of toxins and in turn be healthier and look more vibrant!

A note from author

Small changes to your lifestyle can do wonders for your overall health and wellness. Incorporating more movement into your routine each day, nourishing your body’s system by eating a diet rich in organic whole foods, and nurturing your body with natural alternatives are all important ways that will aid your body in proper lymph flow and detoxification. Although it is recommended to get at least 30 min of exercise per day, any type of extra movement will help you to rid your body of stored up toxins. Opt to take the stairs rather than the elevator, park your car further from the entrance, take some interval breaks at your desk and do a set of squats and jumping jacks, or grab a good book and relax in a sauna if you can. All these examples are small activities that can greatly contribute to your metabolic health and help you to sweat a little more each day.