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DIY Macrame Planter » Empowered Women's Channel

With a passion for peace, plants and DIY at only 16, Kelsey Weaver is one we can learn from. She knows there’s a creative goddess in all of us! This crafty chicka sets out to pursue a life of health, happiness and harmony. Kelsey writes about natural living, creativity and empowerment at KeepingUpWithKelsey and wants to inspire other women to join her journey.

Yeah yeah, houseplants are good for purifying the air, brightening your room and improving Feng Shui in your home. In spite of these benefits, you can’t have a pretty plant without a pretty pot! (Just like you can’t have creative hands and not put them to use!) I fell in love with these simple string slings for potted plants, but admired them a little less when I notice the price I would pay for a hunk of string. So it’s obvious, I gathered the materials, experimented and made my own. This DIY Macrame Planter project requires little materials and skill, making it super easy to create.

What you need

  • 4 cords approximately 1 1/2 meters long (It doesn’t matter which type of string or cord you use. Any cotton cords will stretch more when you place your pot in them. I used hemp cord.
  • Key ring or metal ring
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pot

What you do

  1. First, cut 4 lengths of string 1 1/2 meters long. If you want your planter to hang lower, you can make these longer.
  2. Next, push the 4 strings through the metal ring and situate the ring in the center. Just below the ring, tie a knot to keep the ring in place.
  3. Now to the fun part: Measure 8 1/2 inches down from the large knot and tie the adjacent strings together. Continue doing this the whole way around until you have 4 knots all at the same level.
  4. Take one string from one knot and one from the adjacent knot and tie them together about 4 inches down. Continue doing this the whole way around until you have another 4 knots all at the same level.
  5. Take all the strings together and tie a big knot about 3 inches down. You can then trim the ends of the strings to make them the length you want.
  6. Lastly, just situate your pot between the strings with the bottom knot in the center.

Macrame Planter

[divider]Ta-da! As you can see, this simple planter made an adorable addition to my DIY Door Shelf. More variations of this string planter and other planters can be found on my website at keepingupwithkelsey.com. Happy creating, powerful women!