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Being a vegan runner... » Empowered Women's Channel
I am a 19 year old student from Germany. I am passionate about health and fitness, especially about running. I turned vegan when I got ill with glandular fever and had to stop running for almost two months. I wanted to find a way to heal as quick as possible and found the solution in a vegan diet. I have always eaten healthy, I didn’t eat any refined-sugar products and consumed a minimal amount of meat. So it wasn’t hard to skip all diary products as well. My blood values became better really fast and soon I could start running again. Since then I never considered any other diet and I feel healthy, happy and fit.

Many people have doubts whether it’s possible to have enough energy being a vegan runner and by only eating plants. I want to show people that it is possible and beneficial for your whole body. Speaking with my own experience, I can say that it’s possible to reach activity levels you never had before. If you treat your body well, with a healthy and balanced diet, it will give you back to you. It is important to have balanced meals that satisfy you with as many wholesome ingredients as possible. Don’t count calories, count nutrients!

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Getting into running

During my childhood I didn’t like running very much, especially in school. I did ice skating but only in the winter so I searched for another sport in summer. As we have a forest very close, I tried running. At first running was really hard since I wasn’t used to it; but I continued and it soon became a passion and a daily routine. For me it’s a great workout, an opportunity to get some fresh air and it’s also a kind of mental healing for me. When I feel stressed, running helps me to calm down, relax and focus.

9 easy steps to get you started with running

Start today

You won’t find a better day and you will have gained one more day being into running. Start slowly, run a pace you feel comfortable with. You shouldn’t be completely exhausted when coming back home. Only if you feel good afterwards you will go out for a run again

Be patient

Your first runs may not be very easy, and maybe you will feel like you are slow. If you keep on going you will soon see results; you will become faster and you will be able to run longer and further.

Set a goal

For example, fix a date when you will be running 5/10 miles or sign up for a race!

Don’t think too much

You get tired very easily, you breath a lot, you are too slow, you look weird … try to ban all these thoughts. Listen to the sound of your steps and focus on the things you feel comfortable about: the power in your legs, the movement of your whole body.

Search for a running group

If you are running in a group it’s not that easy to skip your training. It’s also wonderful to run with other people, you can chat while running and motivate each other.

Make it an appointment

If you prefer to run alone fix the time when you want to go running. Mark it in your calendar and treat it as important as any other appointment.

Get your motivation

Start to follow a good running or fitness blog, buy a running book or start to read running magazines. In addition to the motivation you will also get important information on how to run correctly.

Buy yourself a good running equipment

Having the right equipment can save you from injuries, so make sure you have good running shoes, appropriate to the way you are running and to the form of your feet. And get yourself a nice running outfit, because we all also like to look good while we’re running, don’t we girls?

Treat yourself

If you reached a goal, or you feel like you just had a very good run, make yourself your favorite meal afterwards, go to a restaurant, buy a new sports shirt … this will help you to make running a habit and one day you won’t need those treats anymore! Running will be treat enough!