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Part 3: Tips to Prevent Breast Cancer » Empowered Women's Channel
Combining her love for fashion and sustainability, fashion expert and passionate health crusader, Michelle Kramer is the Founder and CEO of Ohganix®; a lifestyle company for men and women focused on creating health conscious organic apparel.

As promised here’s a good rundown on why it’s important to nurture the skin you’re in as well as maintaining minimal stress levels to stay balanced, healthy, happy and help decrease your risk of breast cancer.

Nurture the Skin You’re In

Our skin is the largest organ and largest detoxification system in our body.  Over 1 pound of toxins are released from our skin each day.  Our skin contains 400-2,700 pores per square inch which absorb and expel substances into and out of the body.  Make sure you are only using natural skin care products, free of heavy metals, toxic chemicals, petroleum, parabens, dyes, etc.

A closer look at products and aluminum?

Research your makeup, sunscreen, hair care, and all skin care products to refrain from using goods that contain these harmful additives.  For instance, most antiperspirant/deodorants contain aluminum; a metal which mimics the female hormone estrogen in the body.  Aluminum can also cause direct damage to DNA in the body’s systems.  Although aluminum and breast cancer have not been directly linked, a concentration of aluminum has been found in breast tissue in the highest levels in the area of the breast near the underarm region where most breast cancers are originally diagnosed.  Choose natural alternatives such as coconut oil with essential oil, a diluted aluminum free baking soda, or lemon/lime, are all good replacements.  Research natural deodorant remedies online and you will find many possibilities that will work for you.

What’s in your sunscreen?

Other skin care ingredients such as oxybenzone (found in many sunscreens), is an endocrine disruptor linked to increases in breast cancer.  Sunscreen also contains many other chemicals that mimic estrogen such as 3-(4-methyl benzylidene)-camphor (4-MBC) and octyl-methoxycinnamate (OMC).  Chemicals such as these accumulate in the body’s tissues and disrupt the endocrine system, increasing your rate for breast cancer.  To avoid these chemicals, look for sunscreens with the active ingredients being zinc and other natural ingredients.

Why the clothes you wear are important to your health…

Try to wear organic and naturally fibered clothing as much as possible.  Synthetic materials such as polyester are petroleum based which is toxic to the skin and do not allow it to breath and detoxify.  Also, natural fiber clothing is usually best laundered rather than dry cleaned which is best for avoiding the poisonous dry cleaning chemical PERC (a chemical known as perchloroethylene or tetrachloroethylene).  This solvent is used by about 85% of U.S. dry cleaners, and also used as a metal degreaser and in the production of many other chemicals).  To avoid these types of chemicals as well as added fabric processing chemicals, buy clothing free of treatments to steer clear of chemicals added for fire resistance, wrinkle free, stain free, etc.

Maintain Minimal Stress Levels

Exercises such as Yoga, Thai-Chi, and Qigong are great practices to add to your life.  These practices help to clear the mind and can be meditative and calming.  Meditation is a good way to relax the body and balance the nervous system.  Stress is one of the largest factors contributing to disease so it is important to keep stress levels to a minimum as possible.  Look at all areas in your life and do your best to remove all worries, anxieties, troubles, difficulties, pressures, and tensions.

Stay Balanced

All of the measures we have covered so far are preemptive in preventing breast and other types of cancers.  By incorporating them into your lifestyle you will strongly reduce your risk of contracting the disease.  Although this may seem like a long list, do not stress to include them all into your daily routine.  Maintaining optimal health and stress levels also involves staying balanced.  Do the best you can to have great health each day and you will find that you will naturally incorporate the above preventative measures into your regimen as much as you can. In the final part of this blog series we will look at external toxins and get you thinking about your family history. If you are enjoying this series and have found it helpful, please let us know by leaving us a comment below, as we would love the feedback and to hear from you!

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