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Part 4: Tips to Prevent Breast Cancer » Empowered Women's Channel

Alas we have reached the final part of our series and tips to help you prevent breast cancer. We hope you will include some of the tips mentioned and it’s so important to start looking after our bodies and think about including some long-term health strategies to stay happy and dis-ease free.

Beware of External Toxins

Being knowledgeable of all the external toxins that can be harmful to your health is significant as well.  Chemicals found in air pollution, cleaners, pesticides and herbicides, household furniture and more can accumulate in the bodies tissues so it is important to surround yourself with a clean environment and chemical-free furnishings.

Stay away from using aluminum cookware.  Instead use pots and pans made out of stainless steel or cast iron.  It is also recommended to get rid of of old foam mattresses and furniture containing PBDEs, flame retardants that may be a risk factor for breast cancer.  Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) were used in a wide variety of consumer products such as furniture stuffing, mattresses, foam products, carpet backings, non-clothing textiles, electrical insulation, computers, and televisions.  PBDEs have also been shown to exhibit estrogenic properties and have been found in indoor and outdoor air, household dust, and food.  They are also present in human breast milk, blood, and fat tissue and scientific evidence indicates that exposure over time to environmental estrogens can increase risk for breast cancer.

To replace these pollutants, use natural household cleaners, pesticides and herbicides, and household furniture made with natural materials and free of synthetic treatments.  Refrain from using bleach and chlorine; you can make a lot of household cleaners with ingredients you buy in your local grocery market as well as natural solutions for pesticides and herbicides.

Know Your Family History

It is important to know your family history of cancer and other diseases.  Having a family history of cancer or certain diseases does not mean you are susceptible to those illnesses.  If you carry a certain gene that is more susceptible to a certain condition, it just means that you may have more cells that may contribute to the sickness.  Therefore, you must do your best to protect your bodies cells to contribute to their optimal health and your well-being.

Prevention is the key ladies!

In conclusion, rather than focusing on how we can treat breast cancer (and other diseases), we should figure out how to prevent it.  You can prevent and treat breast cancer with many natural health remedies.  These remedies are often not heard about because the pharmaceutical industries are working to “find a cure” and only work with chemical compounds that can be patented into drugs which they make money off of.

Therefore, prevention is the cure… Focus on your body’s overall health and wellness along with your external environment for better awareness on how you can achieve an optimal physical state.  Make sure to eat nutritious food, stay hydrated, exercise, stay balanced, have minimal stress, get enough sleep, take care of your skin, know your family history, and beware of external toxins.

Furthermore, we all intuitively know the most important of all of these preventative measures is to have some FUN in this amazing life!! Our cells respond directly to our behaviors and feelings, from that acid feeling in your stomach during stress to that floating feeling of being in love. We owe it to ourselves to find out what makes us tick and go after an extra dose of the things that make us happy. Laughter is after all the best medicine!

Nurture your body and soul as best you can every day and your body will thank you!

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