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Why change can be a positive force... » Empowered Women's Channel
Victoria Cosmic is an energetic ‘Sexy, Earth Mother’ igniting passions and empowering women through her writings and mentoring. Raw foodist, nature lover and wild crazy dancer around her kitchen! Truth is her religion and life is her practice. Serving fellow mothers with her no nonsense simple swaps to create a more vibrant lifestyle that benefits the whole family.

Accepting Change

Right now I am in transition. A lot is changing around me, some of which is out of my control and some things (my new daily yoga practice) is of choice.

Whatever your reason or season, Change is inevitable but often creates resistance within us… It is this positive force that we need to master. Even if it is something we have consciously chosen it can be challenging to move through the resistance and reach our desired outcome or have faith that the universe is conspiring in our favor for something better through this process.

Why would I be resisting something if I know it is good for me?

Even things you may have decided to change like, stepping up your current diet to a healthier one takes some time for adjustment. You know its going to make you look and feel better, your on a mission, stocked with all the greens your fridge can hold, feeling great, then before you know it your eating cake in your comfort zone. That’s unless you become aware of the process.

Accept change, Don’t fight it.

I have had to learn this the hard way, again and again. Analyzing, asking for guidance, searching within, meditating, or sometimes just quitting and reverting backwards until I am ready to move forward, or not in some cases.


Tips on Mastering Change…


If your mind is chatting away without your permission (mine does that sometimes, does yours?) I stop. Stop everything and breathe. Even for 30 seconds. Deeeep breathes.

Simple breathing techniques can change your reaction to a response, which feels so much better. Yoga is great for learning this. I recommend it to EVERYONE!!

Put your ‘intention’ on a pedestal

  1. ‘Intention’… your why/reason/end goal/desired outcome (insert whatever word resonates with you).
  2. Place that HIGH in terms of what you are focusing on.
  3. Gain clarity in your intention, for example If you are stressed about moving to a new house, make your reason for moving or what you wish to achieve from this move more prevalent than what is uncomfortable.
  4. Remind yourself of your intention and visualize it when things feel difficult and mindfully place it above the other b.s. that comes into play like doubt, fear, insecurities or stress.

This too shall pass

  1. I couldn’t articulate the feeling I had. It was neither positive nor negative and I could not box it to other emotions available to articulate. Then I realized it was simply ‘change’
  2. The feeling of change.. through my body, my cells reforming creating this ‘new me’ through my mind, through my thoughts.
  3. Just remind yourself kindly ‘I’m changing’ ‘this is change’ You have yourself a new feeling and like all feelings This too shall pass

Focus on certainty

  1. While you may feel like ‘everything’s changing’ especially if it’s not by choice but by circumstance, some things will continue to be the same. Focus on them when in turbulent transition.
  2. My certainty, A favorite reminder ‘The sun is going to rise again’ (because I’m a sun loving kinda girl!) every single day it’s there shining in all its glory, even if there are temporarily dark clouds covering it, I know it’s there.
  3. It may be a familiar place, a good friend to talk to. Whatever it may be for you, find your certainty in times of change and it is there you find your peace.. That’s a tweetable right?!

Living in the present

  1. A caterpillar is not spending its time dreaming of its wings.
  2. Know your desired outcome, but focus on feeling the best you can at each stage of the way. This may not come naturally at first so you may have to be conscious of doing so. Things happen that delay, corrupt or even catapult you in a different direction sometimes. What you can do is look around you and find joy in the present moments. Finding the positive.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, today is a gift, that’s why we call it the present.”

If you emerge from the cocoon as a moth, not a butterfly. That’s ok. Fly those brown furry wings being the best freakin’ moth ever.

Life is ALL about the journey!