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Part 1: Creative Crafts Made by Plastic Bottles » Empowered Women's Channel
Kathleen is a part of the fast growing team of NW6 TopDomesticCleaners. She likes to be busy with DIY projects and creative crafts made of plastic or any other material that most people consider garbage.

The massive global industry brings millions of plastic bottles to our planet every single day. We can see them all around us – filled – and placed in good order inside every store, or empty – laying down the street or peeking out of the garbage container. The question is – what we can do with all the empty plastic bottles that we have? There are numerous applications and it is up to our personal creativity to find them out. Making creative crafts is a wonderful idea that will keep the environment clean by transforming old plastic bottles in fine works of art or smart life hacks.

Image found via www.favecrafts.com

Image found via www.favecrafts.com

There are so many things that you can make from plastic bottles. By cutting a bottle in half, you will have a container that can be used for almost everything. If you need more flower pots for your garden, make use of the old plastic bottles. Bottle bottoms also make perfect Chia pets. Place some soil inside it, plant the seeds and wait till the green hair starts growing. You can use bottle caps for eyes and nose of your new pet. Be creative and use your imagination.


How to make a birdhouse

This craft will keep the environment clean while providing food for the birds that live in your local area. Isn’t that a great eco friendly idea?

How an empty plastic bottle can turn into an excellent bird feeder is 3 easy steps:

  1. Cut a hole just about the edge of the bottle.
  2. Fill the feeder with bird food to the edge of the hole.
  3. Now tie the bottle to a tree or balcony and wait till the little birds find their treat. If you like to, you can add colors and decoration to turn the bottle into a small house.

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