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Part 2: Creative Crafts Made by Plastic Bottles » Empowered Women's Channel
Kathleen is a part of the fast growing team of NW6 TopDomesticCleaners. She likes to be busy with DIY projects and creative crafts made of plastic or any other material that most people consider garbage.

Every human being has an artistic nature that awaits the moment to burst out into a wild eruption of creativity. If you find yourself inspired to create, try out something new and eco friendly! We would like to offer you some ideas and advice that will guide you how to use simple plastic bottles for crafts. You don’t have to be a real artist or DIY crafter to have some fun with synthetic containers, which can be found everywhere. If you take a walk around the neighborhood, you will collect all the material needed to experiment with creative crafts made out of plastic bottles.

Screen shot 2014-12-29 at 13.11.17Water sprinkler

A great idea, that will find perfect application for your garden or lawn, is to make a water sprinkler from an old plastic bottle. Take an empty bottle and make small holes all around it. Place the garden hose inside the bottle top and secure it so it won’t come out from the water pressure. Turn the water on and enjoy the your new handmade water sprinkler!


If you need a funnel to fill your tank with fuel, you can always use an empty plastic bottle. You can cut the bottle in half or you can make a large hole in it – the funnel design is up to you.

Another use for the funnel top: Make a wasp trap with an empty bottle. Wasps may trouble you if you are camping somewhere in the woods. Cut the bottle in half and fit the upper funnel part inside the bottom, with the bottleneck pointing downward. Pour inside something that the wasps would appreciate and see how they go inside the bottle.

Candle holders


If you want to add a romantic ambiance to your porch, you can use plastic bottles to make candle holders. Cut the bottleneck and fill the container with sand, stone or aromatic bath crystals until it’s half full. Put a tea candle inside and hang it from an appropriate place. Install several candle holders and you will have floating natural lights that won’t puff out even in windy weather.