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You choose the labels you place on life circumstances » Empowered Women's Channel
Award Winning Author/International Speaker/Founder of StressSolutionsUniversity.com, receiving national and international recognition for her work in anxiety/stress relief management and personal excellence, Lauren E Miller received her B.S. in Journalism/Psychology followed by Post Grad in Education. In addition to being a conqueror of two of life’s top stressors at the same time: advanced cancer and divorce, Lauren is a Certified Master Business Success Coach and holds her Master Certification in NLP and Advanced Training in EFT, two energy psychology modalities that support quick positive transformation. She has worked in youth and adult ministries for 20 years and holds her 2nd degree black belt from the World Tae Kwon Do Federation. Visit her main website: http://LaurenEMiller.com.

Life happens and it remains objective as if you are watching a movie until you slap a label on it: good or bad, healthy/unhealthy, safe/threatening… there are numerous labels we place on the situations that unfold before us in life, many of which cause excessive fear, worry and doubt leading to anxiety.

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One of the key components to maintaining inner peace in the midst of the wild kingdom moments in life is simply remembering that you choose the labels you place on life circumstances. Knowing this is empowering because if you choose to label a situation as threatening you always have the ability to adjust your perception of any situation to fit into positivity.

For example, you run into a colleague at work and they share with you that they are going to apply for the same in-house job promotion for which you just applied. In situations like this, it is very easy to  feel transported into an animal planet face off scene between two rams. Feeling threatened and territorial are two common inadequacyresponse labels.

Remembering that the stress response that often ignites fight, flight or freeze actions (all of which can be seen on Animal Planet) flow first and foremost from the label you place on the situation at hand: “I label this situation as threatening because I am afraid that something I WANT may be taken away from me.” This process happens at lightening speed leaving you spinning around in the negative emotions of fear and self-doubt, not even aware that you have a gap of EMPOWERMENT to choose your label.

Stress is simply the opportunity to identify and ADJUST your perception of any situation at hand. Begin again, even as you mentally muck around after the ego animal planet hit on your sense of safety and ability to handle life successfully.

You choose the labels you place on life circumstances action step: Adjust your label

Even though my colleague is applying for the position I want, I am willing to go for it anyway with confidence that my abilities and expertise easily and naturally align with this position. I choose to label this situation as an opportunity to remember that my worth and value stands separate from the actions of any human being around me today.

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 ~Lauren E. Miller

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