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What is your desire to change? » Empowered Women's Channel
Shirly Oh is the co-founder of Satya Yoga where she teaches yoga full time and more recently as a Holistic Health Coach who works with women to overcome emotional eating, addictions and cravings. She believes every woman deserves to live a fulfilling and purposeful life they love! Her motto – life is too short to not do something you love or take risk.

Change is guaranteed and happening at every moment. Many people said that they want to change but either they don’t know how to change or they refuse to take the necessary action to change.

Why are we so resistant to change?

Change brings unfamiliarity, makes us excited and nervous at the same time. It signifies a shift, it can make us uncomfortable in the beginning. Desire to change is an inside job. It has to come from inside you and not when others tell you to.

My desire to change?

For instance, prior to turning vegetarian I was a heavy meat eater. Yet somehow there was always this recurring inclination to be vegetarian since I was young. I had previously tried to turn vegetarian without success until I picked up yoga.


The two key teachings in yoga involves ahimsa (non violence) and satya (truthfulness) which helped me to transition gradually. I started to cut out the red meat and ate mainly seafood. I didn’t want to shock my body like I had previously. It took me six months to turn completely vegetarian. My family thought I was weird and my mom was especially worried if I was getting enough nutrients from just vegetables and fruits. Many people naturally associated my change with my yoga practice.

Yet deep down inside me, the change was really the result of discovering an ovarian cyst that shook my world. I was left with no choice but to take a good hard look at my diet and lifestyle. I knew immediately I had to change.

Change happens when you are no longer willing to accept the way you are thinking and living. Perhaps a conflict between your internal and external world. It is your natural instinct telling you that you can’t go on the same way anymore. Until you become completely honest with yourself WHY you have to change, you will remain stuck where you are. We are either driven by our fears or motivations to change.

Here are 3 simple steps for you own desire of change…

Number 1

Be CLEAR on why you want to change. The more crystal clear you are, the more likely you will be to take action towards the change. In my case I knew my health would suffer if I stuck to my old way of eating.

Number 2

Break the change into realistic steps. If you want to lose 5kg in the next 6 months, try breaking it down to 1kg per month target instead. This will appear be more attainable and desirable immediately. You want to feel motivated not defeated.

Number 3

Set a deadline and be open to shift things around. Be open and willing to change things around as you make the shifts. Things happen, plans change and you may get derailed. Get back and start focusing with your end goal in mind.

Good things take time and so does change. Be patient and pay attention to your desires. Nothing remains permanent and everything is constantly evolving. Flow with the change and be willing to take baby steps towards your ultimate desires for living a fuller life.

Twitter: @INGmyworld