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Shirly Oh is the co-founder of Satya Yoga where she teaches yoga full time and more recently as a Holistic Health Coach who works with women to overcome emotional eating, addictions and cravings. She believes every woman deserves to live a fulfilling and purposeful life they love! Her motto – life is too short to not do something you love or take risk.

Two years ago I decided to adopt a simple meditation routine. I had previously attempted mediation but did not manage to practice it regularly. It was physically and emotionally challenging so I knew I had to start small. The practice has to be attainable, realistic and pleasurable.

So I started a 90 second sitting practice. Every morning, before I start my day, I will sit quietly for 90 seconds and focus on my breathing. I named the session ‘sitting practice’ because I did not want to associate it with meditation at that point.

Psychologically the session was ‘ME time’ to allow myself to be quiet and pay attention to my breathing. It felt right and I was enjoying the simplicity of the practice.

When I was able to do it consistently for one week without interruption, I would add an additional minute. Soon I was able to sit down for 15 minutes without fidgeting or feeling sleepy. I was very surprised with how this simple technique turned out to be the key to my personal transformation. I was feeling more calm, grounded, focused and relaxed. I had more energy to last throughout the day and I was getting uninterrupted sleep.

The heightened self awareness and clarity gained allowed my yoga practice to be more consistent and I saw a shift in my postures as well. My digestion improved gradually and I was able to make better food choices by listening to my body’s needs.

Most significantly, the practice has helped to improve the relationship with my family, my loved ones and myself.


Need more convincing?

Scientific researchers and studies have shown that regular meditation helps to reduce stress, improves concentration, increase self awareness, elevate happiness, increase acceptance, slows down aging, benefits cardiovascular and immune health, maintain healthy relationships and so much more.

With the increasing awareness and benefits of meditation there are literally tons of techniques available. So which one should you go for? I would suggest that you try out a few different variations before settling for one to practice regularly.

Commit to try each technique for at least 21 days before making a switch and remember you can always change the technique according to your needs. And if you only have time for 1 minute, do it anyway. Focus on the quality of your meditation instead of the length. Remember, start small and get started.

So grab your timer, get comfortable and see your health transform!

Twitter: @INGmyworld