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Juice fasting to look vibrant » Empowered Women's Channel
Holistic Health Coach, Kimberly Zimmerman, is passionate about helping others discover a natural approach to nutrition and total body health. A graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, her practice focuses on the alignment of body, mind and spirit to achieve your body’s ideal health. Kimberly works with her clients one on one and through group programs, both in-person and virtually, to help them look and feel their very best. Kimberly is also a certified yoga teacher,  passionate about the importance of beautiful, mindful movement and juice fasting.

juicing fasting drinks[divider]Hope you all enjoyed our 21 days to break some habits Spring Cleaning Challenge! If you want to further your Spring Cleaning Cleanse, there is no better way to do it then to give your digestion a break and let your body Spring into healing and regeneration with juice fasting! Below, our gal Kimberly shares 5 great tips on how juicing can benefit the body.

5 Ways Juice Fasting Makes you Look and Feel Vibrant

Drinking only vibrant living juice and pure clean water for a short or long-term cleanse can drastically improve not only your health but also your life. Juice fasting is a
growing trend and it’s no secret why. Here are the top five reasons I am a repeated
faster for life.

I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you ~ Joyce Meyer Click To Tweet

1) Get the Juice Fasting Glow: Drinking juice one is of the most effective ways to get more
vitamins, minerals and enzymes into your beautifully functioning body. Vitamins, minerals, and enzymes heal your body from the inside out. Juice fasts rest your digestive tract, which is one of the most overworked systems in your body. The energy once used to break down foods is now used to kickstart your organs that are responsible for “getting the glow”. Increase the goods going in and help the toxins going out.  The results are bright eyes, clear skin, shiny hair, fresh breath and less body odor.

2) Kick old Habits: Got a sweet tooth? Love the carbs? Can’t kick the coffee cravings? Just a few days of juice fasting and your system will restart and help you to cold turkey that crap right out of your diet. Once your system gets clean, and you try to introduce the junk back in, your body will rebel and your once bad habits will be a thing of the past. With your new clean system your old bad habits will finally feel as bad as they actually were for you all along.

3) Mindful Juice Fasting: Juice fasting can have a profound effect on your connection with self, others and your environment. Without the clouds of toxins, stimulants and constant munching you will start to notice the more subtle things in life. Choose during your fast to smile at the grocery store clerk, drive slower to work and smell the flowers on your evening walk. Your mind and senses will be clear and your connections evermore powerful.

4) Extreme Energy: Juice fasting is like putting premium gas in your sports car instead of the cheap stuff. The new age body has become accustomed to undernourishment, malnutrition and a sever lack of minerals and enzymes. After the possible initial detox symptoms your body will kickstart into high gear. Functioning at a rate your body and mind will love. Expect a sharper mind, an extra mile and the desire to push it like a Porshe.

5) Connect with Source: Nearly every major religion on the planet references or still practices a form of fasting. The idea is to live simply, purify your temple and prepare for guidance from your source. Whether you believe in a form of God, divine energy or simply your connection to the universe you can find a greater connection through a juice fast, while still maintaining proper caloric intake and optimal levels of vitamins, minerals and enzymes essential for ideal health.  Whether you make the juices yourself or save a ton of time purchasing a juice fast from your local juice operations you can
dedicate the time you would have spent preparing, eating and cleaning your meals to your connection with your source. Strengthening your connection can lead to a more fulfilling, purposeful life.

Green Juice and Glowful Cheers!

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