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7 Stress Relief Points to Collapse Stress in Your Body » Empowered Women's Channel
Award Winning Author/International Speaker/Managing Partner of Grab & Go Stress Solutions, receiving national and international recognition for her work in anxiety/stress relief management and personal excellence. In addition to being a conqueror of two of life’s top stressors at the same time: advanced cancer and divorce, Lauren is a Certified Master Business Success Coach and holds her Master Certification in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Advanced Training in EFT, two energy psychology modalities that support quick positive transformation. She meets with clients daily and facilitates monthly stress relief/personal excellence workshops and seminars within corporations and institutions. She has worked in youth and adult ministries for 20 years and holds her 2nd degree black belt from the World Tae Kwon Do Federation. Visit her main website: http://LaurenEMiller.com.

Lauren E Miller

7 Stress Relief Points to Collapse the Stress Response in Your Body

Have you ever heard the response when you are all worked up about something: “It’s All in Your Head.” Well, it’s true… the stress AND the relief are all in your head and the choice is yours.  God has wired us with built in stress relief points…you have been accessing them all your life (there is one at the tip of your thumb… no wonder babies naturally gravitate toward sucking their thumb to sooth themselves).

Life happens and will continue to happen, it’s actually all objective until you label the situation as a threat.  As soon as you do, you activate what my mentor Dr. Bruce Lipton (The Wisdom of Your Cells) refers to as the HPA Axis (the adrenal system: fight/flight system).

Basically, You have two kinds of threats: internal threats and external threats. Internal threats are inside the body: viruses, bacteria and in my case cancer cells and our immune system deals with these attacks.

The adrenal system deals with the external threats: a physical attack or a perception that is threatening to you (worrying about the future…fear, doubt, worry).  The hypothalamus is the part of the central nervous system, which actually interprets our perceptions of life. When we perceive that an event is threatening the hypothalamus communicates to the 50 trillion cells in our body that we are under attack in some way. It then communicates with the Pituitary gland (master gland) which coordinates the activities of our 50 trillion cells and determines a threatening perception of life and will kick into protection mode: fight/flight.

The pituitary will then bring in the adrenal gland, which releases stress hormones throughout the body to help coordinate the 50 trillion cells: fight or flight… extra nutrients will be sent to our extremities.  The blood vessels constrict in the front part of your brain to support the reactive back part of the brain which actually makes us less intelligent and unable to access solution based thinking.

So what are the Stress Relief Points to help snap us out of an attack mode (HPA chain reaction)?

The next time you feel threatened by life, tap on the following points. Remember your conscious mind and your body will respond to perceived threats created by your choice of perceptions, even if they are based upon false evidence appearing real. Tune into your emotion, what it looks like, feels like, sounds like and then choose one or two words that sum up your overall feeling. Breathe in through your nose, hold it for several seconds and exhale as you begin to use your fingertips to tap on the following points:

Stress Relief - EFT Tapping

Eyebrow Point: located at the beginning of your eyebrow by the top bridge of your nose.

Outside of the Eye: Points outside of the eye between the outer edge of your eye and your temple.

Under the Eye: Located on the top of the cheekbone.

Under the Nose: Between nose and upper lip.

Under the Lip: Right under your lower lip.

Top of the Head: Use your fingertips to tap a circle on the top of your head.

For a video demonstration of the tapping points click here:

 ~Lauren E. Miller

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