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Why you should have a greens powder sidekick! » Empowered Women's Channel
Katie Buemann is a Holistic Nutritionist, life enthusiast, and truth seeker here to help people lead with their soul first. She is the founder of Soul First Nutrition where she helps evoke lasting change by digging deeper into the reasons behind why we eat, sleep, think, and move the way we do. Her commitment is to help people on their journey to living the life they’ve always dreamed of and to unapologetically step into their authentic power.


If you were Batman (or should I say Batwoman), then a greens powder superfood would be your Robin.

Let’s make a little story out of this…

So you’re Batwoman… and you’re going about your day as you usually do until BAM! You’re face to face with a gang of bank robbers. They’re quickly and carelessly pillaging the bank with reckless abandon! GASP!

You quickly spring into action like the superhero that you are! BUT… the robbers are actually highly trained ninjas and you realize you’re vastly outnumbered! Things aren’t looking good.

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver ~ Mahatma Gandhi Click To Tweet

That’s when your super sidekick Robin swoops in at a moments notice! With his help you both capture the ninja bank robbers and lock them up for good. All in a days work! *Insert wink and gleaming smile here*

Ok now back to reality…

On a daily basis we come up against the nutritional equivalent to ninja bank robbers and bad guys. They can come in many forms, but some common ones are stress, environmental pollutants, processed foods, sedentary lifestyle, and emotional distress… just to name a few.

All of these things are a stress on the body and can result in like free radicals, toxicity in the body, and/or a chemical cocktail of imbalanced hormones. A high quality organic greens powder is an excellent way to ensure your body gets the nutritional boost it needs to when navigating through the modern world.

The truth is that many of us don’t have the taste buds for eating tons of veggies all day (or the time… it’s a LOT of chewing). Not to mention the fruits and veggies we eat today aren’t nearly as nutritious as they once were due to things like poor soil quality and decreased variety.

Arbonne's 'Greens Balance"

A good quality greens powder will provide you with a bucket-load of readily available nutrients. Look for a brand that’s raw and organic if possible. That way none of the vital nutrients will have been damaged during the processing. Quality is the absolute key here. You don’t want to buy a poor quality product and end up doing more damage than good.

*Warning* – upon including a super greens formula into your diet you may begin to feel fan-freaking-tastical! Side-effects can include…

  1. Increased energy
  2. Better concentration
  3. Elevated mood
  4. Detoxification
  5. Immune support
  6. Increased vitality
  7. Lowered cholesterol

In other words your body will be sending you a detailed thank you card for your total nutritional prowess. Ten points Batwoman… zero points Ninja’s.