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11 easy ways start spring cleansing » Empowered Women's Channel
Katie Buemann is a Holistic Nutritionist, life enthusiast, and truth seeker here to help people lead with their soul first. She is the founder of Soul First Nutrition where she helps evoke lasting change by digging deeper into the reasons behind why we eat, sleep, think, and move the way we do. Her commitment is to help people on their journey to living the life they’ve always dreamed of and to unapologetically step into their authentic power.

Spring_CleaningSpring has sprung! Which means it’s well overdue to get your cleanse on…

Embarking on a spring cleanse is nothing new and you can do this anytime. Our ancestors were hip happenin’ when it came to harnessing the benefits of this powerful and highly beneficial practice. Even if they had to do it out of necessity due to winter supplies running low.

If your heart rate quickened and your stomach jumped into your throat at the mention of the word “cleanse” fear not! Cleansing does not need to be a time of iron will and deprivation.

In fact excessive juice cleansing can really mess up your metabolism and digestive strength.

There’re many ways you can cleanse the body in a more balanced and gentle way that won’t result in a post cleanse binge fest.

Here are 11 easy ways to start spring cleansing…

Number 1

Reduce your intake of acid and mucus forming foods like meat, fish, poultry, dairy, eggs, and most grains (except millet and roasted buckwheat which are slightly alkalizing).

Number 2

Cut out sugar. Like completely. Sugar is not your friend. But you already know this 😉

Number 3

Add alkaline foods like fruits, vegetables, sprouts, herbs, and cereal grasses like wheatgrass. These will help to build an alkaline reserve for moments of stress, periods of little to no exercise, and poor dietary habits.

Number 4

Soak acid forming foods to make them more alkaline. The soaking process starts the alkalizing process. So get those whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds in the “tub”.

We are used to cleaning the outside house, but the most important house to clean is yourself - your own house - which we never do ~ Marina Abramovic Click To Tweet

Number 5

Chew, chew, chew. Since your saliva is an alkalizing substance, making sure you thoroughly chew your food means it enters your body in a more alkaline state. Yes! Double life points!

Number 6

Give yourself a food curfew. By stopping eating 2 -3 hours before bed you give your body time to digest your last meal. That way when you sleep your body can focus on clearing other things out.


Number 7

Know your detox type. If you’re cold then use more warming foods like steamed veggies and cooked grains. If you run a little hotter then focus on cooling foods like raw veggies and juices. If you’re deficient (thin and pale) then now may not be the time to fast or cleanse at all.

Number 8

Never eat to the point of fullness. Overeating is not only taxing on the system, but it’s also the fastest way to age yourself.

Number 9

Eat no more than 2 meals per day. This will allow your body time to clean house in between meals.

Number 10

Rest mentally and physically. Cleansing is a time to be gentle. Take naps, rest, read, go for an easy walk. Now is the time for living with ease.

Number 11

Try an enema. It’s important to keep your bowels moving while cleansing to help remove the toxins being released.

Remember that when it comes to cleansing slow and steady wins the race. Start slowly and end slowly. You don’t need to do a water fast right off the bat to cleanse your body. Eat simply, be gentle, and enjoy the heightened sense of taste and awareness around your body.

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