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Eco DIY projects for indoor fun... » Empowered Women's Channel
 Kathleen Crane dislikes the cold rainy days because it can be so boring at home. Unless you are into a new DIY project to make the day fun and memorable. She also writes for NW6 TopDomesticCleaners.

During some seasons, like the fall and the winter, it is hard to convince your kid that it is better to stay at home. Even if you manage talk you kid into it, there is also the problem of keeping your little one busy. This could be a harder task than you expect because your child will certainly become bored very fast playing with the usual toys and things. You have to come up with interesting ideas which are more unusual and which will attract the attention of your child for longer. There are various DIY projects which you can plan and do with your kid, which will give you the opportunity to spend some quality time together and even to learn something new.

Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt Click To Tweet

You can create great things from ordinary objects like old bottles and other useless stuff. By putting these items into use you will protect the environment from their negative influence and have some fun with your kid. For this purpose you can go through the premises in your home and perform a light cleaning which will help you collect the necessary materials for your eco DIY projects. You can even include your little ones in the process of cleaning and organizing and make them feel excited for the upcoming work.

Once you are finished with the cleaning, you can move on to the crafting itself. The ideas which you will find in this article are very simple and don’t require a lot of materials. Don’t hesitate to try them because we can guarantee that you and your children will have a lot of fun.

Painted rocks

There is nothing easier than making this unusual decoration for your home. It will be better, however, if you manage to find stones with a smooth surface because this will make the painting easier. If you have some old stones from the sea or other place, you can give them to your children and help them paint them in different colors.


Animals from plastic caps

If you have old plastic bottles from mineral water and something else, you can use their caps to make fun animals. You and your kids can glue them on a piece of paper and then draw additional elements to make them look like different animals. Then you can color the caps, along with the other parts and put the fun animals on your fridge or walls.

Jellyfish from plastic cups

The old plastic cups which you have been storing for so long can finally be put into use. Just make a couple of holes in the upper part of each cup and tie pieces of long colored ribbons to make them look like tentacles. Then draw eyes and other figures you like.

Beautiful tiara from cardboard

Now you can make a beautiful and unique tiara for your little girl with which she will feel like a real princess. The materials you need include larger piece of cardboard, some glue and a lot of glitter. First, your child can draw a figure on the cardboard which will be later cut out and folded into a crown. Then you can glue the part where the two ends of the figure meet or use some other device to keep them together. When it dries out, your little girl can cover the whole tiara with glue and then put a lot of glitter on, until the cardboard disappears. You should leave it for a couple of hours to dry out completely and then the tiara will be ready.

Boats from old sponges

If you have old sponges which are preserved in good condition, you can give them to your child and make some interesting boats. You can use new sponges, as well, in which you can stick a chopstick with attached triangular piece of fabric which will serve as a sail.