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Love People Not Things! » Empowered Women's Channel
Award Winning Author/International Speaker/Managing Partner of Grab & Go Stress Solutions, receiving national and international recognition for her work in anxiety/stress relief management and personal excellence. In addition to being a conqueror of two of life’s top stressors at the same time: advanced cancer and divorce, Lauren is a Certified Master Business Success Coach and holds her Master Certification in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Advanced Training in EFT, two energy psychology modalities that support quick positive transformation. She meets with clients daily and facilitates monthly stress relief/personal excellence workshops and seminars within corporations and institutions. She has worked in youth and adult ministries for 20 years and holds her 2nd degree black belt from the World Tae Kwon Do Federation. Visit her main website: http://LaurenEMiller.com.

Lauren E Miller

If your anchor is made up of things, your boat will sink. If it’s made up of loving God, your neighbor and yourself, it will float.

When I was 16, I read every book available by Leo F. Buscaglia, Ph.D. otherwise known as the “love doctor” or “hug doctor.” I still reference a quote of his daily: “People before Things.” Remember, stress will appear when you forget to align yourself with what you value most in this life.

If you are a type “A” personality, then you are familiar with the speedboat approach to life. All too often, people get overlooked as you jet past towards your destination. I know because I was a type A, BC (before cancer). Facing my own death led me into the experience of lingering more in what I value most in the essentials of life.


How many times do you bypass the opportunity to create a meaningful connection with a human being because you are racing through life? Love people, not things. Don’t wait until you find yourself on your deathbed to get this one. I assure you, you only remember the people and the love you shared. All things pass away except love.

What percentage of your words; thoughts; deeds and actions throughout your day align with the person you desire to be in this world and with what you value most? 10%? 50%? 70%? What comes up for you? This is a worthy practice that results in inner peace and definitiveness of purpose.

Try this simple technique..

At the beginning of the week simply choose 3 words that describe the person you are committed to being. Next write down 5 things you value most in life. Make these words your screensaver and reference them frequently.

Stress is simply your body’s way of inviting you to identify and adjust your perceptions and responses to life so that they more accurately align with the person you desire to be on a daily bases. Peace and confidence is your natural state of being when your words; thoughts; deeds and actions align with the person you have decided to be. Notice how quickly you get emotionally spun when you respond to life outside of your highest good? Live from the inside out, not the outside in.

Did I love? Did I allow love?

I remember after being told that I had a MRSA staph infection that had spread throughout my blood stream due to the infected third degree burns on my chest from the radiation/chemo combination, that I was in critical condition. Funny thing was, I felt fine inside my castle. Because I had made some internal shifts in my life, I knew that I was aligned with what was most important to me on a daily basis. I had pruned out of my life those things that had become weeds, which made room for new growth and positive learning opportunities. At this point in the 5 years of the cancer treatments I was at peace, whether I stayed or left was really no big deal yet because of my three young children I remember consciously making the choice to stay several times. My reflections that day flowed from two simple questions: How well did I love this past year and how well did I allow myself to be loved?

A people before things mentality creates the infrastructure which supports your highest good and the good of all concerned. At the sunset of this life everything melts down into this space.

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