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The is no “I” in Empowerment, but there is a “WE”…

Our channel is a space for those seeking to connect with that elemental feeling, that connection to each other, our instinctual right as women to let our divine feminine love shine through in everything we do. We are all mother’s of this Earth and together we are stronger and  have the power to create positive change in our homes, families and our world with our light and love.

Us clan mothers have planted this small seed, but we can’t grow this channel alone!  Here are some amazing women who are leading our sacred circle by generously donating their time, passion, inspiration and feminine essence. So the movement has started- we are gathering together to help each other and we invite you to join us and empower those around you with love, beards, unicorns, light and happiness…

Dr. Anna-Maria Clement directed Brandal Health Clinic from 1975 to 1983 and worked with the Swedish government to advance the natural health care in her native land. In 1983, she assumed the co-directorship with her husband, Dr. Brain Clement of the renowned Hippocrates Health Institute first in Boston, now located in West Palm Beach, Florida. She is the key Health Administrator and oversees a large medical team that provides cutting edge diagnostics, treatment, therapies and counselling for the guests at the Institute. She has a Doctorate in nutrition as a Naturopathic medical doctor and a license in nutrition.


Award Winning Author/International Speaker/Managing Partner of Grab & Go Stress Solutions, receiving national and international recognition for her work in anxiety/stress relief management and personal excellence. In addition to being a conqueror of two of life’s top stressors at the same time: advanced cancer and divorce, Lauren is a Certified Master Business Success Coach and holds her Master Certification in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Advanced Training in EFT, two energy psychology modalities that support quick positive transformation. She meets with clients daily and facilitates monthly stress relief/personal excellence workshops and seminars within corporations and institutions. She has worked in youth and adult ministries for 20 years and holds her 2nd degree black belt from the World Tae Kwon Do Federation. Visit her main website: http://LaurenEMiller.com. [divider]

Katie Buemann is a Holistic Nutritionist, life enthusiast, and truth seeker here to help people lead with their soul first. She is the founder of Soul First Nutrition where she helps evoke lasting change by digging deeper into the reasons behind why we eat, sleep, think, and move the way we do. Her commitment is to help people on their journey to living the life they’ve always dreamed of and to unapologetically step into their authentic power. [divider]


Based in the UK, Victoria Cosmic is an energetic ‘Sexy, Earth Mother’ Igniting passions and empowering women through her writings and mentoring worldwide. A raw foodist, nature lover and wild crazy dancer around her kitchen! Truth is her religion and life is her practice. Serving fellow mothers with her no nonsense simple swaps to create a more vibrant lifestyle that benefits the whole family, this is one supercharged gorgeous woman who knows how to connect to her feminine divine![divider]

Shirly Oh is the co-founder of Satya Yoga where she teaches yoga full time and more recently as a Holistic Health Coach who works with women to overcome emotional eating, addictions and cravings. She believes every woman deserves to live a fulfilling and purposeful life they love! Her motto – life is too short to not do something you love![divider]

I’m Lillian Ogbogoh and my work and passion in this life is empowering women. As the Sensuality Discovery Specialist, I enjoy guiding women to redefine their self-relationships and sensuality, taking them on a journey to rediscover their own desirable, sensuous and audacious woman that they really are. Working with women to give up  the limiting beliefs that keep them trapped, believing that they are unlovable, not enough, feeling insecure and lonely. I also work with men to have the relationship that he deserves and desires, giving up the limiting ideas that keep him lacking in confidence to be seen as the alpha male in the 21st century. My work has led me to speak both internationally in Europe and the Cayman Islands as well as locally in the UK.  I’m also a bestselling co- author of Success in High Heel-s a compilation book of 30 leading females. Since childhood I’ve loved the power of stories and how they transform the characters from lost souls to heroes, which led me to becoming a masterful transformational storyteller- using the archetypes laid over mythologies to assist my clients to dismiss the stories in their lives that are no longer true for them.